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A family of positive, driven and smart salon owners with a passion for life, a love for the industry and some big dreams to make come true.

What We Offer
Problems Salon

Over years of working closely with 100’s of salon owners, we consistently see the same challenges showing up.
Have you ever faced any of these challenges?

  • Lack of dream clients?
    You know the ‘dream’ clients. The ones that pay on time, turn up on time, treat you respectfully, leave good reviews.
    There are an abundance of your dream clients just waiting to become your regular customers, and we can show you how to find them.
  • Lack of inspiration and ideas?
    When you’re busy running a business, sometimes coming up with the ‘extra’ energy needed to create new and exciting offerings for your clients, engaging content, blogs, amazing social media posts, can be SUPER tough! Yet, we know how important these tasks are to keep those clients booking in.
    Our clients love that each and every month, we share tons of ideas and inspiration that they can use to make their job easier – whilst providing useful training on how to implement it all in just a few short hours a month
  • Lack of time and direction?
    Most of our clients are BUSY. They’re busy entrepreneurs, busy parents, busy doing treatments – and usually extremely busy in life too. Sometimes trying to navigate business can be overwhelming and we can find our passion rapidly waning.
    We like to make it easier by teaching simple time management systems, supporting and guiding you on this journey and helping you create your dream business one step at a time (at your pace)
  • Lack of support and understanding from those around you?
    Being a salon owner is a lot of fun. But it also comes with challenges. Do you ever find that no one else ‘gets it’?
    Being part of the Salonology tribe isn’t just about what you can learn. It’s about what you can feel. Supported, understood, cheered on and celebrated.
    Business doesn’t have to be lonely, if you’re part of The Salonology family. You can become part of our family by joining our Gold Club.
What We Offer

Why is Salonology different to all the others?

  • As ex salon owners ourselves, we’ve walked the walked and talked the talk. After launching, growing and selling a large, multi award winning day spa with a big team, we’ve encountered just about every marketing, client and staff challenge you’ll ever come across. Which means we understand your challenges, and can help you overcome them.
  • Salonology launched in 2014 (albeit under a different name) which means we’ve had years of experience not just being salon owners, but helping salon owners too! In fact, we’ve helped over 5,000 at last count!
  • Because Salonology is a husband and wife duo, we an deliver twice the ‘power’ (Power is also our surname) bringing you a really unique blend of mentoring that taps into each and every aspect of your business and life
  • We believe salons are like snowflakes – each and every one is unique. Our focus is to provide you with the tools you need to build your happy salon – a business that gives you the level of income and freedom you want so you can go live your dream life
  • Most of all, we help YOU sparkle.
What We Offer
Hollie & Ryan Power

We have a huge network of positive, like minded hair and beauty beauty owners in our Facebook community, so come and join us all today.

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Here's what some of our members have said about us.

Ryan & Hollie are simply amazing! Being a part of their fantastic community has elevated my business to the next level! Their support over the past few years, & especially lockdown has been unbelievable! They are so committed to helping salon owners thrive & I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to level up!

Louise Oldham

“I cannot shout loud enough about Salonology! Hands down the best investment I have made for my business. The knowledge, the content & the personal encouragement from these guys is incredible. My business has grown from strength to strength, and I can still see it rising. Ryan and Hollie have so much energy to give, and the fact that they are both such lovely people is so refreshing. I would absolutely recommend to a friend, and anybody that will listen for that matter!”

Sophie Graham

”Ryan and Hollie Power…. where do I begin? The most supportive, fun, dedicated couple I have ever met! They clearly LOVE what they do and that shines out! They know the beauty industry inside out and they make you just ‘think’ about your business and how you can improve it! No one is an expert and we are always learning – that’s why anyone who is serious about their beauty business and they want to grow, then Salonology is where its at! The calibre of business professionals within the group means that they are supportive, knowledgeable and willing to help – that it itself is priceless. Since lockdown I have completed ‘Bootcamp’ and I was so impressed I then enrolled onto the ‘Growth and Freedom Blueprint’….. I am ready to scale things UP and already I have seen a change in my business, life and that thing called balance! (Yes, it really does exist!) 100% recommend these guys! Thank you! Xx”

Hannah Gardner

”If you work in the beauty, hair or holistic industry these guys offer the most amazing support and advice themselves as well as providing a forum with which fellow professionals can support each other in a safe and extremely friendly way. I personally have gained so much as the owner of a small beauty salon by being part of the group and taking part in coaching courses that have helped restore my mojo and set my business on a new and exciting path. Hollie and Ryan bring so much positivity with everything they offer, perfect for everyone, whether you own a chain of large salons or work as an individual on your own.”

Maria Prew

”I have no doubt that joining the Salonology Gold Club was the best business decision I have ever made. I joined up during the end of lockdown as I was in the process of leaving my rented clinic room to open my own cabin salon. The knowledge I have acquired and the confidence I have gained during even this short timeframe has been incredible. It is like having your own team of business professionals all rallying for you. I really feel I can call myself a business owner now! I am looking forward to growing within this fantastic community group.”

Christina Budd

”Being part of Salonology has transformed my business. In 6 months of joining Gold Club I’ve gone from renting a room above a hairdressers, to owning a full salon with 3 treatment rooms, 2 nail stations and 5 staff. And all of this has been done during a global pandemic. Working with Hollie & Ryan has helped me to grow into a business owner and has taught me how to work on the business and not just in the business. The resources available to me as part of the Salonology Gold & Diamond Club have been second to none. In fact, I honestly can’t get over the amount of value and content given for the price. In my opinion Salonogology is The best salon owner coaching out there. I can’t wait to keep growing my business with Hollie & Ryan’s Gold Club.”

Lorna Roythorne Du-Ross


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