The extensive knowledge and continued study of salons.



A hair and beauty business owner committed to the continual understanding, growth and success of their and their fellow salonolgist’s salons.

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Problems Salon

Have you ever faced any of these challenges?:

  • Struggling to stand out in a crowded marketplace?
  • Do you wish your team could sell more retail?
  • Want more full paying clients coming to your salon?
  • Feel as though you’ve nobody to turn to for advice and support?
  • Feel like you’re alone or trapped in your business?
  • Want to surround yourself with like minded business owners?

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What Salonology do differently:

  • Our unique blend of coaching, networking, motivation, mindset, geek stuff, girl stuff, social events and more is taking over the hair and beauty industry.
  • We simply aren’t interested in cookie-cutter coaching plans and following the herd.
  • Each and every salon is unique with an individual message to share. We simply show you the path.
  • We introduce you to a community of amazing salon owners that are running some of the best salons in the country.
  • We’ll share with you our tried and tested ideas that have put our salon and spa on the map – as well as hundreds of others.
  • Most of all, we help YOU sparkle.
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Hollie & Ryan Power

We have a huge network of positive, like minded hair and beauty beauty owners in our Facebook community, so come and join us all today.

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Here's what some of our members have said about us.

The support in the group is amazing.

I have been in the group for about 18 months now and have never looked back. The support and guides that Hollie and Ryan provide are second to none. Plus the support in the group is amazing. Would definitely recommend!!!

Carol McGovern

Tranquil Beauty Lounge

Don’t put it off any longer get signed up!

Been a member now for 3 year (ish) and LOVE everything about Ryan and his knowledge. Its been tough at times to juggle it all, but when you knuckle down and implement all the guides and various other juicy snippets that get shared via various live vids, zoom calls and if your budget can stretch to it private 1:1’s boy is it worth it, we are starting to reap the rewards. Also the friendliness and support from the group of like minded business owners and therapist/stylists is priceless. Don’t put it off any longer get signed up!

Sarah Wilkinson

Equilibrium Silsden

I’ve had a lot of success by implementing everything in the courses

I have been working with Ryan now for a couple of years and done many of the courses, one to one coaching, group zoom calls and many more! He’s a fab guy and he really explains things easy. I’ve had a lot of success by implementing everything in the courses. I’d recommend everyone does at least one course just to see for themselves!!

Louise Jones

Therapy Skincare

Nothing seems to be a problem if they can help you, they will

I’ve been a member of this only a week & it’s turned me around completely gave the motivation I needed as the last 3 years have been a struggle in my personal life these people in this group are wonderful & Ryan & Hollie have so much time for your nothing seems to be a problem if they can help you, they will.

Joanne Somers

Era21 Plus

A must for all salon owners

A must for all salon owners, totally changed my game with all of Ryan and Hollies advice, paying off massively now!

Verity Edwards-Flaherty

Beautylicious Bourton

I can’t believe the incredible steps forward I’ve made because of you

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance! I can honestly say than in the last year or so you have completely transformed the way I work and how I plan on moving forward with my business. My website has had in incredible makeover, I now have a blog and a growing email list with an email going out every 5 days, I have a facebook group, am doing my first ever online event and you even managed to give me the courage to get on camera 🙈 which I thought was impossible. Actually as I write this, I am looking back at where I was this time last year and I can’t believe the incredible steps forward I’ve made because of you. Thank you!!

Gina King

Bambi Beautiful

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