Branded Clothing For Your Beauty Business; Yes or No?

Strong branding in the beauty industry is not just important, it’s a necessity.

In a market where most salons offer a similar menu of treatments, branding yourself to be unique and eye catching is an absolute must!

So does this extend to branded clothing?  You bet!

Many years ago, when I worked in London, I learned that ‘visibility in the marketplace’ is key.  This company branded EVERYTHING – and I have carried that snippet with me throughout my career.

As therapists and beauty professionals, we offer a very personal service – where time is spent with clients, a happy experience is had and memories are made – so branding that memory is a lovely little way of making sure your clients NEVER forget who you are.

Your Logo

Your logo isn’t just a pretty image of your name.  It sums you up – which is why logos and names are very important.

Having your logo in as many places as possible is effectively having adverts everywhere!  People respond to repetitive images – and have more faith in a brand they are familiar with.

Showing your logo in as many different ways as possible will help to establish your brand in your local area as well as giving you the edge over your competition.

Your logo says a lot about you ... and you should consider using it liberally!
Your logo says a lot about you … and you should consider using it liberally!

 Choosing Where To Brand

Simply put; everywhere (within reason)!

Uniforms, business cards, Facebook, price menus, cardigans, flip flops, marketing material, freebies – pincering your clients senses by showing off your brand and logo at every angle will have them confident and familiar in no time!

Uniforms are pretty much an essential place to brand yourself – and if you find logo embroidery is too pricey or your staff change regularly, get some quality corporate badges made.

Print on to T-shirts for events, vests for casual events, cardigans for your staff that they pop on when they head out for lunch, flip flops for summer – soon your logo will be walking around everywhere your potential clients look!

Helping Your Clients Share Your Brand

When your clients come to you, they do so for an experience – and as we all know, people love to share their good experiences on social media.

This is a FAB opportunity for your brand to be spread through the power of the internet!  Get gowns branded so every picture tells social media exactly where your guests are – and encourage them to share their images!

You should run a simple competition or prize draw for anyone who shares a photograph of them in your robes.  You never know who might see it or where the image may end up!

So to summarise – use every opportunity to show off your logo!

The more imaginative you can be the better – where else do you have yours?  Feel free to share with me in the comments below!

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