Getting Balance In Your Business – And Maintaining Your Sanity!

February 23, 2016 Hollie Power
Getting Balance In Your Business – And Maintaining Your Sanity! thumbnail

Running a business can be stressful and the addition of bills, rent, staff wages and such can be a knee trembler.

It can affect how we think, and we tend to throw ourselves right into the business and try and fix things, when sometimes its more productive to step away and take a look from the outside.

Here are my top tips to keeping your head straight when you are running your own business:

1. Outsource

There are so many elements to owning and running a business.

Accounts, stock control, marketing, recruitment, maintenance, ordering, advertising, cleaning, roots, the list seems endless at times!

You can’t be an expert in it ALL, can you?  (Really, you can’t).

It’s important to choose the elements you enjoy or you’ll add to your stress levels.

I, for instance, have an allergy to accounts.  I’m great with numbers, yet accountancy makes my head spin!  For me, it’s imperative I have a great accountant who looks after that side of my business so I can sleep easy at night and concentrate on what I’m good at and what I enjoy.

2. Stay Positive

A big smile, some bright lipstick and a pair of heels always brightens my day – and I somehow feel empowered by it.

So if i need to add some sunshine to my day, I pull out the Chanel, stick on a splash of colour, grab some sky high heels and attack the day head on.

3. Get Some Sleep

If you are anything like me, you are as useful as a chocolate teapot after no sleep.

I’ve found as I’ve moved into my 30’s that I need to be rested, relaxed and ready for the day ahead – and if I’ve had a good night’s rest then I’m ready to set the world alight!

You don’t want to cross me if I haven’t had my quota – just ask my husband!

balance in your business

There’s a lot to juggle as a business owner

4. Have Downtime

This is so important.

I see so many people slugging away, thinking if you have your own business you can never take time off.  You should and you must!

I mean, that’s kind of one of the major benefits, right?!

A break away, even for just a day, does the world of good.  Schedule your marketing, arrange someone to answer your phone and have a day 100% off.

Lunch with friends, take your kids to the beach – enjoy life.

It’s not all about working.

5. Reward Yourself

When we work for others, we are so used to reaching targets and goals set to us by our bosses – who then reward us verbally and financially for doing so (usually).

So it’s important that as your own boss, you give yourself credit where credit is due!

Anyone running their own business is a STAR.

It’s impressive!  It’s a big brave step and you should feel proud.

So don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for being awesome now and again.

6. Make targets

If you have no targets, you’ll never know if you are succeeding – and you’ll not know when to reward yourself.

I love nice handbags, so if I’ve fallen in love with a beautiful new clutch, I will record what I need to achieve before I buy it.  A little like when you go on a diet and you don’t shop until you get to your goal weight!

It’s a great motivator to get you moving.

This post was adapted from an article I wrote for Scratch Magazine.  You can read the original here if you wish.