The Most Important Blog Post I’ve Ever Written

This could be the most important blog post I’ve ever written.

Certainly the most important in the last 6 months or so.

You see this blog could change your life.

Yes, I realise that’s a huge claim but let me take a moment to explain.

When I talk to other beauty business owners, they almost always tell me that they love their job, they love this amazing industry we all work in and they love their clients (well, 99% of them).

However the ‘business’ side often leaves them a little flat.

Let’s be honest, none of us started our businesses because we liked doing the accounts, did we?

The main issues I hear are;

  • “I just wish I had some more clients”
  • “There is a new salon opened down the road and I’ve got to drop my prices even lower now to compete with them”
  • “I want to take on a new staff member but I just don’t know where to start”
  • “I know that I’ve got to do some marketing but I don’t know how or what to try first”

Do any of these sound familiar?  

Are any of your goals for 2017 to 

  • get more clients
  • improve client retention
  • make more profit
  • grow your business
  • take on more staff
  • take more time off from your business

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then I have some truly wonderful news for you!

I’ve re-released my breakthrough business growth course, 9 Weeks To A Rocking Beauty Business for 2017.

However this year it’s going to be even better!


Because now we’ve added some accountability and extra support for everyone who enrols on the course.

To begin with, everyone will be starting the course at the same time, and receive all the reading material via email on the same day.

There will be support within my private VIP Facebook group – with around 200 other beauty business owners just like you also going through the course at the same time.

You’re not going at it alone!

You’ll be surrounded by other beauty business owners who understand your business and want you to succeed!

Plus me and my team will be in there to help you out, too.

Sound interesting?

Find out exactly what is entailed in the course and hear from some who completed it last year by clicking here.

This really could be the most important decision you make this year.

Come and join me.

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