Why I’m The Weirdo In Waterstones

Yes, I admit it.

I am the weirdo that lurks around Waterstones for hours.

For me, shopping isn’t only about stroking the fabric of a dress, or trying on shoes (even though I am a Jimmy Choo addict) but actually about wandering round the packed shelves of my local Waterstones – and yes, I do have a loyalty card.

Why am I so weird?

Well, Waterstones – or any bookshop for that matter – offers such a wealth of knowledge.

Every book is packed with information that I want to absorb and a new book brings me great joy.

When I was at school, I HATED learning.

I mean actually, 100% hated it.

I hated being told what to do, and hated people trying to teach me things I didn’t want to learn about – and I convinced myself that I just wasn’t someone who needed to learn information.

Until, I realised, that there was soooooo much more to learn than Mr Walsh – my poor put upon Geography teacher – had to show me.

Books that could teach me how to lose weight, be prettier, the best places to travel, how to win at poker, investing in the stock market, create a beautiful home… the list is endless.

And I am always inevitably drawn to one particular section.

The business section.

The business section is filled to the brim with inspirational books, up to date information and wise words from Branson, Bannatyne and Brady and I readily inhale them.

The truth is – if I didn’t read these books, or I didn’t go to seminars, or I didn’t attend trade shows – I know, categorically, that my business would not be where it is.

Because continued learning is absolutely key when you have your own business.

When you work for someone else, you’re always learning from your peers, your bosses, the company’s training programs and courses.  But when you’re the boss, who do you learn from?

Its absolutely imperative that we invest some of our time in to developing our minds as much as we spend time developing our services and product choices.  If we don’t, we stay still whilst our competition move ahead.

And thank god we move forward or we’d still be plucking our customers eyebrows to a 90’s style pencil thin line and recommending ‘Sun–In’ for natural highlights (if you are too young to remember sun-in, Google it).

If you want to stay one step ahead, you need the knowledge those ahead of you have – and I’m on a constant quest to source this information to help me deliver a better service to my clients and to you.

So, my nugget of advice to you here is to NEVER STOP LEARNING.

No one knows it all – not me, not you, not the people who’s seminars I attend, not even Mark Zuckerburg!

Whether that means you lurk around Waterstones, take a day to attend a seminar, Google all you can find on line – or even follow me and (hopefully) learn from some of my experience – be sure to commit a small slice of your time to learning – I will be and I will be sharing my findings!

If you want somewhere to start your quest for new knowledge, then why not start with my latest course.  It’s guaranteed to grow your business or your money back and the price doubles at midnight on Monday.

There’s never been a better time to take action.

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