Are You Working On Your Business Or In It?

May 26, 2015 Hollie Power
Are You Working On Your Business Or In It? thumbnail

Are you working on your business, or in it?

It was at a conference many years ago when I was first asked, along with all the others in attendance, if I worked on my business or in it.

I’ll admit I was a little confused to begin with.

It required an explanation from the speaker at the time, however it’s since become a concept I’ve heard over and over again from some of the greatest business and marketing brains around.

So that means it’s worth repeating again, and it’s worth you taking onboard!

Working IN your business is simply doing your job. For most, therefore, that’ll mean making someone’s nails look the best that they’ve ever looked, giving a brilliant massage or making someone feel a million dollars with a hair transformation from heaven!

Working ON your business means doing anything which is going to take your business to the next level and progress it in some way.

This could mean writing a new email campaign to your clients, rewriting an advert you placed in a local newspaper or magazine, designing a postcard to get new clients, studying your Google analytics on your website … ANYTHING which moves your business towards it goals and isn’t included in your normal daily activities.

Entrepreneur Nigel Botterill describes it as ‘getting and keeping customers’ and I like that.

Are you spending enough time on getting and keeping customers?

Are you spending enough time on getting and keeping customers?

How much time do you currently spend trying get and keep customers?

If you’re like most people then not as much time as you’d probably like.

No doubt because life got in the way somehow.

The cat had to be taken to the vet, there was a client issue to resolve, I had to pop to the bank…. the list goes on and on!

Good news! This is the same for most people.

Even better news! Do something about it and you’ll propel your business to super success and leave the competition behind.

So, how do you do it?

Well, you have to be organised. You have to set a given amount of time aside every week (maybe even every day) to work ON your business.

This means no phone on, no distractions, no radio – just concentrated work time to do the things which you know you probably should be doing and that will really help your business grow.

This may involve getting up earlier. It may involve juggling a few other items in your diary. But believe me, it’s worth it!

Make a date with yourself, block out your diary and stick to it!

Even if you only start with one hour per week this is better than nothing!

Once you start doing it, and start seeing the results, I think you’ll want to do more of it too.