How To Recruit Salon Staff

If you’ve aspirations on growing your business then at some point you’re going to need to recruit some staff. It’s a milestone for any business, but can be scary too.   It’s a topic lots of people fear and avoid but if you do that then you’ll never get your business where you want it […]

Why Don’t Others Always Support Me?

It’s a sad, sad fact that many people in life don’t want others to do well. I see it every day.  I experience it every day! Some of the people surrounding us take more comfort in us staying still – or moving backwards – than moving forward. My best friends know my obsession for my […]

How To Write A Better Price List

We all have to write a price list or menu of treatments for our beauty or hair business at some point. But do we all give it the attention it truly deserves? It’s a more important piece of communication that you might realise. Continuing my series on launching a new business, this week’s blog covers […]

Why We Don’t Celebrate Wins Enough

We should celebrate wins more.   All of us. And given that it’s that time of year when most of us need less of an excuse to pop a cork and open another tube of Pringles, it seemed like the perfect moment to get something off my chest. Look, I get it. Stiff upper lips […]

Finding The Perfect Location For Your Beauty Business

If you’ve been reading my ‘get set and go’ guide to launching your own business over the last few weeks, you’ll be pleased to know that we can now move on to the fun stuff… Previously, I’ve written about business plans (read that again here) and securing finance (read that one here), so now it’s […]

How To Get More Stuff Done

We’ve all been there.  Those days when you just don’t seem to get anything done.  Yet somehow you also haven’t stopped all day. Sound familiar?  Wonder how on earth some people manage to get far more stuff done than you? Well I’m pretending to have all the answers but here are five things to consider […]

Working Out Your Finances For Your New Business

As revealed last week, I thought it might be a nice idea to share again some of the articles I wrote last year for Scratch Magazine, the UK’s leading nail mag.   This week it’s the topic of working out your finances; something hugely important for anyone considering launching any sort of business. I’ll be sharing […]

Writing A Business Plan For Your Nail Business


So I’ve decided to go back to the vault and share once more with you some of the blog pieces I wrote for leading UK nail magazine, Scratch.   I started writing for Scratch in December 2014, and I began with some top tips on starting a nail business.  The content is just as relevant […]

Are You Working On Your Business Or In It?

Are you working on your business, or in it? It was at a conference many years ago when I was first asked, along with all the others in attendance, if I worked on my business or in it. I’ll admit I was a little confused to begin with. It required an explanation from the speaker […]

Get More Testimonials: The Ultimate Guide

more client testimonials

Everyone knows that client testimonials are of increasing importance to any business in the twenty-first century. That’s a given. So how do you get more testimonials? Read on, and you’ll find out and have them flowing into your business in no time. Social media expert Brian Solis ( said, “Welcome to a new era of […]

50 Ways To Promote Your Business

Further to a Facebook conversation last week, it was asked of me how many ways there are to promote your business to the masses. Well, quite a few is the short answer!   The long answer is below, however this isn’t a comprehensive list and you might be able to think of some I’ve missed.  […]

How To Get More Enquiries From Exhibitions

how to get more enquiries from exhibitions 1

Exhibitions are a great way for businesses to connect with their clients and to meet new ones.  This week I went to one of the biggest in our industry, Professional Beauty London 2015 at London ExCel. It was a great show with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors.  However so many people would have […]