What Is The Salon Source From Salonology?

Whilst you are familiar with our Salonology brand – after all, we’ve been working with salon owners now for almost a decade now – we’re about to welcome a new addition to the family. Introducing… The Source. In 2022, one of our lovely salon owners put a plea for help into one of our private […]

Salonology Gold Club Members Excited For The Second Annual Members’ Summit

  The entire room are on their feet as the final speaker – internationally renowned peak performance coach JP De Villiers – finishes his keynote session. It had been an impactful day in Birmingham and the attendees were going home with pages and pages of notes and a renewed fire in their bellies that some […]

Salonology Gold Club Members Finally Get Their Own Awards Night

  After being asked time and time again, Salonology co-founders Hollie and Ryan Power have finally succumbed to the mounting pressure this year and have finally made the official Salonology industry awards a reality. Awards for the salon industry are nothing new, and indeed they vary wildly in terms of their grandeur, prestige and following. […]

Jo Wood Virtual FD Are Attending Our Gold Club Members’ Summit

She has been a firm favourite with many Gold Club members over the years and has consistently helped them to get those pesky numbers right and reach big financial goals.  Now, along with her team, she’s joining us at our upcoming Gold Club Members’ Summit…     With a dedicated interest and understanding of the […]

Gold Club Members Are Happier, More Supported and More In Control

Salonology Diamond Club

The Salonology Gold Club has been supporting its members for three years now. Many of the original founding members are still members too, so we knew that we must have been having a positive impact on them. Yet even with that said, we wanted to find out exactly in what way we were helping them. […]

Don’t Go Into Business With Your Neighbour

There’s a big lesson there from Helen Eveson, the latest salon owner to share her story on The Salonology Show podcast.. In fact, there are tonnes of lessons to be learned in this latest podcast episode. Helen is a pretty tough cookie. With decades of experience in the industry (not that you’d ever know looking […]

Charging Your Worth – How To Do It And Why You Must

There has been a lot made of people charging their worth over the last year or so. Mercifully it seems that the industry is finally waking up to the fact that if we don’t correctly charge for our treatments and services then we really don’t have a business at all — we’ve a hobby at […]

From Sitting On The Bathroom Floor Crying To Absolute Business Boss

Podcast guest Lorna RDR tells her story

This is the story of how Lorna took her side hustle job and turned it into an award-winning business. When Lorna chose her university course, she chose to pursue nursing. Which figures — she’s kind, caring and thoughtful. But, it was the job she took in beauty, to fund her course, which lit a spark […]

Salonology Release Festive Guides For Free

Salon coaches Hollie Power and Ryan Power

This time, a year ago, our salons were about to close, again.  It was hard. Tough. Emotional. Overwhelming. Sad. Frustrating. Worrying.  We saw salon owners filled with woe; in a time they should be filled with cheer. Christmas, and the lead up to it, has traditionally been one of the most lucrative times of our […]

Help Us To Raise £10,000 To Save More Lives

Lions Barber Collective Salonology

Do Something Amazing – Help to Reduce Suicide Rates and Increase Mental Health Awareness in the UK As beauty therapists, hairdressers and barbers, we are about so much more than helping people to ‘look good’. We are there to make them feel good too. But what about when someone doesn’t feel too good?  Someone who’s […]

Our Crazy £5,000 Prize Giveaway

What would you do to celebrate the landmark of having 5,000 members in your Facebook community? We thought it would be a good idea to try and give away a £5,000 bounty of prizes… what better way to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last six-and-a-half years or […]

Bonds Build Businesses

Bonds Build Businesses

Bonds Build Businesses   If you haven’t heard me say this before, you can’t have been to many of my lives!  It’s become a HUGE part of my mantra and a VERY important part of how we, as salon owners, should conduct ourselves. I calculated a few months ago, that if we see our clients […]