Free Facebook Community For Salon Owners Who Want Something Different

Salonology Diamond Club

2024 sees Salonology celebrating TEN YEARS of helping salon owners… and by way of a thank you to the industry we’re going to be giving back big time. To ensure that as many people as possible get to join in the celebrations (and boy, will the party bags be good!) we’ll be hosting it in […]

How To Schedule Facebook Posts 2018

Two Ways To Schedule Posts On Facebook In 2018

Facebook has a habit of changing things without warning anyone.   Well, maybe they warn someone but I never seem to get the memo! One of the recent ‘improvements’ – as they would no doubt dub it – revolves around the scheduling of posts. Now scheduling posts in Facebook is one of the best time […]

The Results Of Broadcasting A Facebook Live Video Every Day For Seven Days

facebook live

There has been a lot of news about Facebook recently. Moreover, about the ever-dropping organic reach of business pages. You might even have grumbled about it yourself. Over on our Facebook page I decided to conduct an experiment. What would happen to our results if we broadcasted a Facebook live video every day for a […]

Why I’m Leaving Twitter

3,615 tweets later and I’m leaving Twitter. I can’t say that I’m especially saddened to see the back of the UK’s second most popular social media network (marginally ahead of Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat but still way behind Facebook). Social media has become a bit of a drag I’ve found. The constant notifications on your […]

How To Turn Facebook Likes Into Paying Clients

One of the questions we are asked about social media more than any other is how to turn Facebook likes into paying clients. It’s the holy grail. The idea that we can somehow magically transform a fleeting click of a button into someone walking into our premises and handing us their hard earned money  is […]

What We Can Learn From Kim Kardashian and Bette Midler

If you’ve not seen the hype recently, Google it. Kim Kardashian posted a naked selfie and Bette Midler responded with a tongue in cheek comment. Since then, Hollywood’s who’s who have all jumped on the bandwagon to say their piece about whether a naked selfie is an expression of confidence by a woman or a […]

Using Facebook To Fill Your Appointment Books

There’s nothing worse than looking in your appointment books and seeing empty page after empty page – I’ve been there, and it’s not fun. Whether you’ve a huge salon to fill or you just need a couple extra clients, you have to get marketing to reach your optimum number of business bookings. There are a huge […]

Facebook Name Issues – A Warning!

Facebook name issues

Don’t say I haven’t warned you!  As mentioned before, your Facebook name must reflect your actual name – and the Facebook police are moving in on offenders. Don’t be caught out by this! Yes, it’s true. Facebook have had enough of people pretending their businesses are people and are taking aggressive action. And by aggressive […]

New Facebook Call To Action Button – What You Need To Know

Facebook Call To Action Button

You may have already seen in the news that this year Facebook announced a new call to action button. As with all new Facebook features it hit the US first, before being rolled out to the rest of the world. I’m thrilled to say that mine has arrived, and maybe yours now has too! Here […]

3 Facebook Hacks To Make Your Life Better

If you’re anything like me (and the rest of the world) then you probably spend too much time on Facebook.   Assuming that’s inevitable, you may as well optimise your time spent on the world’s number one social media platform. These 3 Facebook hacks will hopefully make your life better (or at least make your […]

(VIDEO) What To Post On Facebook

How to create Facebook cover art 1

Ever wondered what to post on Facebook? Probably, as people ask me a LOT! But help is at hand as we as beauty professionals have all sorts of exciting things that we can post about. In today’s two minute video blog I explore some ideas to help your creative juices flow! Let me know any […]

What Should I Post On Facebook? Some Tips To Overcome Creative Block

What Should I Post On Facebook

Social media is fun, sure, but it’s also an important way to communicate and engage with your target audience. A question I’m asked all the time is “what should I post on Facebook?” Good question. As with all marketing you should start with the end result in mind.   That is, what are you trying to […]