New Era Group Are Attending Our Gold Club Members’ Summit

October 26, 2022 Hollie Power

You’ll maybe have seen the signs at the Gold Club Summit in 2021, and they’re back again. 



With a presence now in many Gold Club salons, New Era will be showcasing their brand to you in this year’s big Gold Club Members’ Summit.

Their goal is to grow their business by growing yours.  They know first-hand that what they do works so well, because of the results they’ve seen.

Here’s what they have to say – 

It was 2016 when our founders decided that the independent retail sector needed a company dedicated to the creation and management of content for digital screens in OOH (out of home environments). As well as content, we wanted to

  • offer a full range of hardware and software to help independent retailers make the transition from printed posters and progress into moving content and by doing so, increasing their levels of customer engagement.
  • With backgrounds in marketing, design, animation, print and online technology, the team at New Era Group have combined forces to deliver a full solution to take independent retailers “confidently” into the digital signage revolution.
  • We have invested significant time in those first few years discovering, in consultation with our design and animation team, exactly what works and what doesn’t on screens of all shapes and sizes in all environments.
  • After two years of building our digital content production skills and resources, we expanded the team to provide hardware procurement, installation, and support, together with software integration skills.
  • We believed that it was only companies with these capabilities “in-house” that would be able to deliver the highest level of success for our customers which, culminated in our company strap line; ‘We Grow our Business by Growing Yours’


Not only that but we’ve had a special inside scoop on what New Era intend to bring to our event…

They’ll have some amazing, never seen before offers that are exclusive to the show only – and they will be on hand to answer as many questions as they can to help salons understand more about the benefits of digital signage (of which there are many!).

We understand they also have another service which helps salon owners claim R&D Tax Credit Funds (which are tax free) and they’ve been busy helping lots of salons claim these through their partnership with RDI Solutions (a company that’s championed by none other than Baroness Karren Brady).



If you’re attending the Salonology Gold Club Members’ Summit then make sure you check out New Era!

Not only that but New Era are also supporting the first ever Salonology Awards taking place on Sunday 20th November.

Check out the New Era website here.

Unsure as to what Gold Club is?  Find out all the details here.


We’re thrilled that New New Group are also supporting the first ever Salonology Gold Club Awards Night and are sponsoring the Best Innovation Award.

You can read more about that event here.