Opatra Are Sponsoring An Award At The First Salonology Gold Club Awards Night

We are excited to have an award sponsored by British brand Opatra. 


With a selection of skincare and devices, Opatra has found its way into the hands of many a celeb fans who rave about the results from the range;


  • The brand is internationally acclaimed for their customer service approach and global prominence within the skincare industry 
  • Their contemporary ways of perceiving beauty and skin care has allowed them to incorporate cutting-edge technology for deeply nourishing skincare products 
  • One of their visions is to redefine antiquated beauty standards and attempt to find consistent and achievable outcomes for all skin types.
  • Based on this ethos, Opatra has created a unique and versatile range of products and devices for a all-skin types
  • Since 2010 they’ve been pioneering easy to use devices and skincare formulations that help all skin types look firmer, younger, brighter and more beautiful. We develop, design and source ground-breaking skincare devices and skincare products for both professional and at home use. 
  • Their effective products are especially formulated for the skins daily care and are used by professionals in beauty salons, spa and aesthetic clinics and are available both to the professional and consumer market. Their lines include handheld anti-aging devices, skincare formulations, professional facial and body equipment and accessories. 

We’re thrilled that Opatra are supporting the first ever Salonology Gold Club Awards Night and are sponsoring the Social Media Starlet Award.

You can read more about that event here.

You can read more about joining our VIP Gold Club here.

You can read more about Opatra on their website, here.


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