Salonology Gold Club Members Excited For The Second Annual Members’ Summit


The entire room are on their feet as the final speaker – internationally renowned peak performance coach JP De Villiers – finishes his keynote session.

It had been an impactful day in Birmingham and the attendees were going home with pages and pages of notes and a renewed fire in their bellies that some had lost following the pandemic and multiple lockdowns.

Whilst there are not many multi-speaker conference events specifically for our industry, this one packed an almighty punch and the attendees’ feedback was off the scale.

“This was one of the best days I’ve had in ages, with like minded people” was one attendees summary.  

Another joked that “the energy that Ryan and Hollie brought was infectious. I’m not one to normally jump up and down but I was clapping and cheering the loudest!”

“I thought it was fabulous how all the trainings crossed over and helped me leave with an actual action plan” came another response.

At the conclusion of the 2021 event we genuinely didn’t know if we’d be able to put another showcase like that.  

Would there be restrictions for 2022? 

Would there be more lockdowns? 

Would people want to come again?


Atteeds at the Salonology Gold Club Members Summit 2021


Thankfully the pandemic Gods have been smiling as we return to Birmingham for the second annual Gold Club Members’ Summit on Monday, 21st November 2022.

This year’s event promises to even more memorable than the inaugural event, with another three amazing guest speakers taking the stage, a brand new industry supplier’s area and the first ever Salonology Awards Night which is taking place the evening before.


First Guest Speaker Announcement – Valerie Delforge

Valerie Delforge is an international business strategist consultant, public speaker and

business coach… she is also seen as industry royalty and we’re thrilled that Valerie is able to join us at this year’s event.

With incredibly more than thirty years of industry experience, Valerie strength is her fresh new approach to the industry focusing on five key elements; budget, leadership, reception, marketing and retail.

When it comes to motivating managers, owners and teams, Valerie engages the whole audience with strong mindset shifts, leaving them to become commercially aware whilst giving them the tools necessary to be successful.

For Valerie’s keynote attendees will discover why investing in a reception team and continuing to empower them with key training is crucial for the growth of your salon business, no matter how large or small.  You’ll also learn how the reception team can increase your revenues easily with simple tips and techniques.

Beauty and spa industry legend Valerie Delforge


Second Guest Speaker Announcement – Vivienne Johns

Our second guest speaker is a hairdresser of twenty-six years and a former salon owner who gave it all up to teach Instagram to hair and beauty professionals.

Having been featured in every industry publication going from Hairdressers Journal to Salon Business Magazine to Creative Head Magazine, Viv is also the founder of The Hairdresser’s Social Club – an online platform that supports, inspires and educates hair and beauty professionals about how to use Instagram to grow their salon business.

Viv will be revealing a brand new presentation for her keynote, unveiling the new way to do video in 2022.  Whether you prefer posting to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube there is no escaping video in the new era of digital marketing… so you may as well harness the power as best you can.  Viv will show you how…


Instagram Queen Vivienne Johne


Third Guest Speaker Announcement – Pete Scott

Our final guest speaker is another well known name from within our industry.  Over the last decade, Pete has helped personal brands build their businesses by offering transformations to their market.

His work has involved helping burnt out beauty therapists to go from a fully booked column with £2,000 per month in total sales, to £25,000+ highly consistent months while working with a fraction of the clients and just two days per week – with zero social media marketing.

Pete’s highly effective – and definitely unique – transformation methodology all stems from the power of his take on consultations.  The consultation is the key to landing high paying clients who will simply love the results you’re able to help them achieve.

Pete will be layout out his consultation methodology live from our stage in Birmingham and is sure to have the attendees itching to hear more. 

Pete Scott Ultimate Sales Academy


But that’s not all… 

In addition to our amazing guest experts we’ll also have two other speakers also returning to the stage.

Both Hollie and Ryan will both be delivering exclusive presentations to the Birmingham audience.

Hollie will be taking delegates on a deep discovery of their self belief; something which can catapult anyone from where they are right now to where they truly want to be.

Ahead of the launch of his second book, Ryan will be pulling back the curtain and giving attendees a sneaky peek into his system of taking clients from having not yet discovered you to being the only person they’d ever trust with their hair and beauty needs. 


Plus, New For The 2022 Event Is Our Dedicated Partner’s Area

We’ve hand selected a number of wonderful partners for our event this year – all of whom will be exhibiting and chatting with attendees in our dedicated break out area.

Here attendees will be able to discover the latest industry trends and make new connections with other partners who can support their thriving salons.

Partners for 2022 include;

– Cruelty-free cosmetics powerhouse, Delilah ( – read our post about them here

– Digital signage specialists to salons all over the UK, New Era Screens ( – read our post about them here

– Accountants and finance director services specialist, dedicated to the salon world, Jo Wood ( – read our post about them here

– Long time friend of Salonology and leading software solution provider for salons, Timely Appointment Software ( – read our post about them here

– Cashless tipping and consumer connections specialist, grtfl ( – read our post about them here

– Innovative salon technology experts with over 25 years market leading experience,  SMART Group ( – read our post about them here



The Gold Club Members’ Summit is a ticketed event and tickets are only available to current members of Salonology Gold Club.

To join the current waiting list to join please click here or email with the subject line “I want to come to the Summit” and one of the team will let you know if we have any available spaces for new members.

This year, we will also be hosting the first ever Gold Club Awards Night, to recognise some of the outstanding salons within our community.   

You can read more about that event by clicking here.

Find out more about our guest keynote speakers here;

Valerie Delforge (

Vivienne Johns (

Pete Scott (

Want to get a feel for what kind of events we run?

Watch the documentary we recorded for our first ever Summit in 2021 here…

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