The ‘No B*tch’ Recruitment Policy In My Spa

I run a strict ‘no b*tch’ recruitment policy in my day spa.   And by strict I mean absolutely no exceptions.

Yes, I said it.  No b*tches are allowed to work for me.  This has raised a few eyebrows from people – and I’m sure its shocked the odd potential team member or client – but as brazen as it is, it’s a very important policy for me and how I run my business.
Before my beauty career, I worked for some major corporations – including GE and Disney – 2 companies that sit as some of the largest and most easily recognised in the entire world.
Disney, particularly, has a very unique customer approach – and their whole mindset is about creating a wonderful experience for the guests – and as far as I’m concerned they’ve got it right – 100%.
Thats why I implemented this policy; and I can tell you it’s one of the reasons my clients come back time and time again.
Let me explain in a little more detail exactly what I mean and why I think you should consider doing the same.
If you've a bad attitude then I simply want you nowhere near my business
If you’ve a bad attitude then I simply want you nowhere near my business
As someone who previosly used salons rather than worked for them I instantly would pick up a feeling when I walked into one and decide within seconds if i felt comfortable. Did I feel welcome? Was I ‘putting them out’ by booking a treatment? Will they discuss my wobbly bits as soon as I leave the building?!
These things resonate – and if you dont feel welcome, you quite simply won’t go back.   How many times have you been in a retailer of any description and got the feeling that the girl behind the counter would rather be planning her Friday night out than attending to your needs?
It was VITAL for me that my guests felt welcome, happy, and open to ask questions and relax whilst with us.  I am very happy to say I achieved my goal.
But, in order to make this happen, I have to put it out there – and make sure, from interview level, that they will fit the mould.   One bad apple can turn the entire atmosphere within a spa, salon or indeed any business.   I make sure it never gets that far.
After all, if I can weed them out before they even start, I never have to worry.
As the hotelier Leona Helmsley famously said “I don’t hire people who have to be told to be nice.  I hire nice people.”
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