Should I Offer More Treatments In My Salon?

August 29, 2019 Hollie Power
Should I Offer More Treatments In My Salon? thumbnail

Ahhh, the good old treatment trap.  It’s a question I get asked time and time again.

What treatments should I offer in my salon?

I’d imagine that if you’re ‘in the industry’ you’ve spent at least one Sunday or Monday wandering round a beauty show or exhibition, checking out the new stuff, old stuff, good stuff and the rubbish stuff too.

You’ve no doubt wandered round with a branded carrier bag over your shoulder, watched a naked girl get a spray tan, spotted half the cast of TOWIE and seen eyelashes longer than a mascara wand.

These shows are exciting, loud, colourful and intoxicating – and its incredibly easy to get very caught up with the ‘what’s new’ in show and find yourself buying into the newest ‘craze’

We’ve all been there.

But whilst some of what we see might be ‘all the craze’ right now, is it actually right for your business?

And should you be adding more and more treatments to your menu?

Well, maybe yes, maybe no.

I know that an undefined answer but there’s different ways to look at this quandary.

If you watch ANY Gordon Ramsay show, the first thing he does in any business is strip away all the flouncy, silly dishes on the menu that don’t make money, are a massive hassle or don’t get ordered regularly – limiting the menu to a simple 8 options.

He does this because he knows that too many options confuse clients, cost money and stress out a kitchen.

And we all know what Ramsay thinks about a kitchen that doesn’t operate smoothly.

The iconic “I’m an idiot sandwich” scene still remains one of my favourite*.

Now, whilst Gordon’s speciality certainly doesn’t lay in the beauty industry, and I think we can all agree he’d benefit from a good moisturiser, it’s clear that his system has a point.

Having thousands of items on your menu does not necessarily equal more money in your till.

These beauty and hair shows are designed to dazzle.

Arouse. Hypnotise you. They’re fabulous, but a little bit dangerous.

Because most exhibitors trying to sell a machine, or a product will hand out a simple little sales tool in the form of a costing table.

These costing tables show you what it would cost to buy at the special show price.

And they also show all the money you will make.

These packages that offer £10,000 worth of treatments, and all it will cost you is £1,000 are fab, on the condition that you will do £10,000 of treatments.

Because you must always remember that simply buying the package, does not equal making alk the money.

There is one HUGE step in between.

Actually doing the treatments.

And doing the treatments consists of lots and lots of baby steps – like

  • Learning it
  • Marketing it
  • Possibly discounting it
  • Taking staff away from treatments to practise it
  • And actually doing it

So, this is where you have to really think if it’s the right investment for you – and if you should be adding it to your treatment menu.

The traditional salon is not the ONLY way to do business nowadays.

You don’t have to offer everything that other salons do, if you don’t want to.

If you have a huge waxing client base, then an IPL machine would possibly be a logical next step.

If you are a keen facialist, then advanced treatments will boost your income.

But if you’re a well-known nail tech, is a reiki right for your clients, and just as importantly, for you?

More and more businesses are ‘specialising’ nowadays, and pushing their strongest skill set.

Brow artists, lash queens, nail designers, facialists, lip filler experts and more are filling up our Instagram feeds and scooping up business.

Because people love a specialist.

People love to feel they are in the hands of an expert.

So, when you think about expanding your menu, you need to think if it will expand your business, or just dilute your offerings.

You don’t need to offer 100 amazing options to be successful, you just need to offer one successful option to be amazing.

(I came up with that quote, like it?)

But, if your clients want it, or its in alignment with your business, or you just damn well want to offer it, by all means DO!

But just remember, its not the only way to grow….


* Not sure what I’m talking about?  Watch this!