Spring Clean For Your Beauty Business

March 1, 2016 Hollie Power
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It’s now officially Spring time – the time to spring clean your business.

Keeping things fresh and new is imperative in keeping your clients interested in what’s happening in your business.

I like to take a leaf out of the High Street fashion retailers.  Every Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter, they release a new collection – and it always gets people excited about what’s new.

The retailers know the importance of following trends, mirroring the markets and turning over their stock so every time their customers pop in for a browse, there is something new.

As beauty professionals we are no different and should strongly consider adopting some of the strategies used on the High Street.

Here are a few ideas for you…

MOVE IT AROUND: It seems simple, but having a move around will make your business feel fresh and new to your clients – particularly your regulars.

SPRUCE IT UP: Add a new splash of colour to brighten up your reception area.  This may be as simple as some new cushions, fresh flowers or as big as a new coat of paint.

CHECK YOUR STOCK: This is a great time to get rid of old, weathered stock and refresh it with new trendsetting colours and products. You only need to read Scratch to find out whats hot this Spring/Summer!

REVIEW YOUR TREATMENTS: We have two identical treatments that offer the same treatment and experience in my spa, but one is popular in the summer and one is popular in the winter.

The reason why?  One is strawberry flavoured and one is chocolate.  These two contrast as much as the seasons themselves so are a fabulous way to change a treatment with the seasons without trying to create a whole new experience.

And the best thing about all this – it makes wonderful social media material.

  1. Ask your clients via emails and Facebook what colours they’d like you to add to your collection.
  2. Post pictures of freshly painted walls.
  3. Tweet about a new ‘Spring in your step’ pedicure!


It’s a great way to blow away the winter cobwebs and get your clients excited about sunny days, coral nails and pretty toes.

Share your thoughts – and your pictures – in the comments below!

This post was adapted from my blog for Scratch Magazine.  You can read the original here if you wish.