Stop Being Scared Of Sales! My Top 8 Tips To Selling More

Sales is something we shy away from and are so often scared of, but it’s something we should embrace and enjoy, because a good sales strategy can double your income, increase your profits and help you build relationships with your clients.

It’s easy to feel a little nervous about sales, but understanding sales can really boost your business!

Here are my top 8 tips on how to generate more sales;

1. Communicate

Selling is a process.  From when your client arrives to when they leave, you should be building a relationship with them.  Understanding their needs will help you identify suitable products for them.

2. Keep records

Having a record of your clients’ previous visits will reveal what colours they choose and what products are used on them, so you can quickly get a better idea of what they may want or need.

For example, if they’ve previously bought some hand cream, do they need more?  Referring back to a client’s previous purchase and experience will strengthen the bond between the client and your business.

3. Be well stocked

There’s no point selling a client a product or polish and not having one in stock.  You’ll end up disappointing them, or worse, selling them something they don’t want, so keep your retail bountiful and ready to go!

4. Decorate & display

Make your retail display clean, tidy, organised and pretty.  If your clients are like me, they’ll be drawn to colours and interesting displays and will be keen to peruse your offerings.  Keep testers available so they can play, touch and smell.

5. Use the space

Make the most of your space – if you have a shop front then windows are a great place to add interesting displays (just think how many people go to Selfridges JUST to look at their window displays).

6. Incentives

Many people buy on impulse – so offer them something that’s too good to say no to.  For example 25% off a polish when purchased with a manicure.

7. Marketing material

Most nail brands will provide or offer marketing material – these companies are experts with heaps of marketing experience so their material will help you sell. Display in windows, walls, bathrooms etc.

8. Ask!

This is where so many people go wrong – they don’t want to ask.

It’s OK to offer something as long as its done properly.  If your client tells you her cuticles are dry, offer cuticle oil.  If she tells you she loves the polish you are using, offer her the opportunity to buy one.  It’s so simple, yet so underused!

Start implementing these straight away and you will see a difference in your sales!  But most importantly, remember the last point; ask.

Happy selling!


This article was adapted from my blog for Scratch Magazine.  You can see the original here.


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