Why I Trust In Youth – And You Should Too

March 28, 2016 Ryan
Why I Trust In Youth – And You Should Too thumbnail

If you’ve ever had to recruit new members of staff, even holiday cover or Saturday staff, you’ll know that it’s not easy.

Good staff members are, quite simply, difficult to find – and it seems to be getting harder, too.

I remember when an advert going live would lead to piles of CVs arriving in my inbox – and I would have the choice of the cream of the crop.

But, as more businesses open, the pool of brilliant candidates diminishes and sadly, the quality of the CVs that hit my desk are often such a long way away from what I expect from my staff.

Now I’m fully aware that part of that is because I have high standards for my staff.

Very high.

After all, they are the face of my business and they are representing my business, my brand and, ultimately, me.

I am quite simply not going to risk everything I have worked so hard to build over the last six years or so. 

And nor should you.

You should ensure that you recruit the very best staff that you’re able to.

I’ve been lucky.  So many of my staff members have become rocks within my salon.  They’ve stayed far longer than the industry average, have been promoted quicker and are a constant source of compliments from happy clients.

So how do I continue to find these hidden gems?  I invest in youth.

There are several reasons why I take this route, too.

Firstly, candidates from college are fresh, keen and eager to learn.  Many businesses overlook them, which is awful for them but great for me because they have so much potential.

Secondly they come to me largely unmoulded.

They haven’t been at other salons and picked up habits.  

They arrive fresh and ready to learn the ways of my salon.  

And the reasons why we do things differently is one of the many reasons we’re one of the most popular venues in our area.

There is a selfish reason I do this, too.  I feel good about investing in youth and investing in the future of our country and our industry.

Opportunities are often hard come by for college leavers so I like to help where I can.  It’s a win-win!

That’s not to say its not great to have an experienced team member in the fold – one of my managers came to me after working in other salons and is an amazing asset to my business.

But, when you’re next recruiting don’t overlook those with less experience. We all have to start somewhere and that college leaver or apprentice scheme trainee might just eventually become your next salon manager.


This article was adapted from my column for Scratch Magazine.  You can see the original piece here if you wish.