How To Build A Free Email Course Using ConvertKit

August 11, 2017 Ryan
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You’ll often hear me talking about becoming the expert or authority in your target market.

It makes wonderful business sense.

Experts can charge more, they experience less price resistance and they attract new business to them easily.

Don’t you think that you should be positioning yourself as the expert too?

Whether you current are or aren’t here is a nifty little idea from the good people over at ConvertKit for building some authority at the same time as building your email database.


Create a free email course to give away to your prospective clients teaching them how to do something.

Yup, that’s it!

And it’s a great idea.

Here’s why…

  • A series of emails being delivered over a week or so has a perceived value to your ideal client – especially when you’re filling them with killer content and teaching them something which they’d want to learn (the key here is to make sure this is your best possible stuff – stuff people would otherwise pay for)
  • People love something for free – all they are giving in exchange is their email address
  • This is the sort of thing people would share socially meaning you’ll get even more eyeballs on your website
  • You’ll be seen as the expert to everyone who signs up as you’ll be demonstrating to them your awesome knowledge and ability to help others
  • You’ll be seen as a welcome guest in their email inbox meaning you can easily take things to the next stage afterwards
  • It’s dead simple to do!

Here are the basics of what you’ll need to do.

  1. Firstly you need to write a sequence of emails which explain a topic of interest for your client.   For example a nail expert may write a sequence of emails on strengthening your nails or a hair dresser might write a sequence on colouring your hair for the first time.  You can pick a topic you’re comfortable with go with that.   Anything that relates to your niche and is something your clients would want to learn.   Are there some questions you’re asked by clients all the time?  They might be a good starting point for you.
  2. You’ll want to cover the topic in 5-7 emails which you’re going to send to them every day.   Thankfully using an automated delivery system means you’ll only have to write these emails once and then they’ll be automatically delivered on autopilot whilst you sleep / catch up on Britain’s Got Talent / gossip idly on WhatsApp.
  3. Whilst you might be tempted to hold back some of the best stuff, don’t.   You need to be delivering your A game here.
  4. Make a landing page or have a sign up box on your website to capture people’s email addresses.
  5. At the end of your email sequence you’re going to offer something else to your client.   Perhaps a free consultation or a gift voucher.   Something to entice them into coming and seeing you.   If you’ve done a good job of your email sequence, some of them will take you up on your offer and become clients.
  6.  Promote your free course everywhere you can to encourage more and more people to join up.   Ultimately lots more of these will become clients and you’ll have a steadily growing database of people to communicate with moving forward.
  7. Do a happy dance, crack open the champers and decided where your next holiday is going to be.

This really isn’t rocket science and it costs you practically nothing to set it up.

You should certainly consider adding this to your marketing mix.

Here’s a walkthrough video showing you how to set up the entire system in under fifteen minutes….



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