Get More Testimonials: The Ultimate Guide

more client testimonials

Everyone knows that client testimonials are of increasing importance to any business in the twenty-first century. That’s a given. So how do you get more testimonials? Read on, and you’ll find out and have them flowing into your business in no time.

Social media expert Brian Solis ( said, “Welcome to a new era of marketing and service in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.”

Yes, testimonials can, and do, determine whether your potential client chooses you or the salon up the road.

Ever determined which restaurant to eat at based on a TripAdvisor review?

Of course, we all have! Well that’s exactly the same process your clients will be going through when they decide where to take their business and hard earned cash.

And it’s not just true for restaurants now, this applies to all businesses and especially to service lead businesses like ours.

People review all types of businesses now, not just restaurants, so that includes yours!

Positive testimonials work like mini advertisements for your business. However in many ways they are even better as they are more believable.

After all, you’re going to say your business is great, aren’t you?

We live in an ever sceptical world, and people simply don’t believe much of what businesses say about themselves. So to have an independent voice sing your praises is hugely powerful!

Let’s see how we can harness this power further.

So, How Do I Get More Testimonials Anyway?

Now this may seem blindingly obvious but the number one way to get more testimonials is … wait for it … ASK!

Yes, just ask for them!

Far fewer people will give you an unprompted testimonial however most people will be happy to if asked.  In many cases it really is that simple.

So, how do you ask?

Well to begin with, you need to make it easy for them.

I’m busy. You’re busy. Everyone is busy. By making it simple for your clients you’re far more likely to get the outcome you desire.

You can make it easy for them by giving them multiple outlets by which they can offer their thoughts.

Google Places, TripAdvisor, Facebook reviews, TrustPilot and LinkedIn are good places to start however there are many more too with new sites springing up all the time.

Make it even easier by having links or buttons on your website and social media linking straight through to the places you want the reviews to be left.

Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot!

You’ll find that the best time to ask for a review or testimonial is right after you’ve provided your service, whilst it is fresh in their minds and they’re feeling good. Feeling good about themselves and feeling good about you too, hopefully!

When someone thanks and complements you on your service, simply ask them if they’d be happy to share those views in an online review too. Most people will be more than happy to do this, if you just ask!

Then, Take It One Step Further

Written testimonials are great.

Video testimonials are even better!

There are lots of reasons why. We are becoming more cynical of written reviews and testimonials (especially those on your own website) whilst at the same time we are being groomed to learn to be more and more accepting of video as our preferred means of being delivered information.

Facebook loves video, Google loves video and of course YouTube really loves video!

So if you can encourage a positive video testimonial then this packs far more punch!

get more testimonials
You don’t need fancy equipment. A smart phone or digital camera will do the job fine and look more authentic.

The best way to do this?  Well, most people have a video phone these days. Or on iPad. Or a digital camera. So use these!

Why not show off the work you’ve done at the same time?

This works especially well if you’re a hair dresser or a nail technician.

Now of course, not everyone is comfortable with this, and that’s fine.

But if you don’t ask then you’ll never know.

Oh, and make sure you shoot them landscape and not portrait!

Portrait video does not look as good when it’s being viewed on a computer or mobile device.

Make It A Part Of Your Process

It’s important that all of your staff (where appropriate) also understand the importance of reviews for your business.

They too must be asking for reviews at every opportunity and should be trained so that it becomes a part of the work process.

Why not incentivise them too? I’ve run many competitions with my girls and reward those who are responsible for the most reviews. This is because I understand the importance of getting these reviews. Plus it’s a great way to keep my team motivated and happy too!

One Word Of Warning

Never pay anyone for a positive review. Ever. To begin with it’s unethical but also frowned upon by the review sites should they get a sniff of it.

Besides, if you’re doing a good job and offering great service then there is simply no need to.

You might like to incentivise people for leaving a review, but whether or not the review is positive is their call and not yours.

Take It To The Next Level

Want to REALLY wow your clients? Follow up their review with a thank you.

A hand written card is best. Perhaps you might even like to include a voucher for some money off their next purchase from you.

That’s how you turn a fan into a raving fan.

I also recorded a short video on this subject recently, you can watch that here.

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