The Power Of Email Marketing

Email marketing a powerful string to your marketing bow that so few take proper advantage of – yet really should – as it can make a HUGE difference to your business.

I’ve explored how to communicate to clients using blogs and Facebook, but email marketing is just as important, if not more so. 

Put it like this… imagine you’ve just bought in a new range of gel colours.  They are beautiful, you KNOW they will be a hit and your clients will love them and you’ll fill your diary in no time.

But how can you let  your clients know that you’ve got them quickly, easily and cheaply?

By email!

A good email database is the most valuable asset you can have in your business – and it’s an amazing way to get people to hear your message in a professional, timely and quick manner for minimal expense.

Regular emailing will keep you in regular contact with your clients – so you’ll be in the forefront of their mind.

Here are my top tips for unleashing the power of email marketing:

– Use a professional system, not your basic email

With so many ‘spammers’ out there, email marketing is highly regulated to protect consumers.  You’ll need to play by the rules.
There are many companies that require you jump through a few hoops before you can start emailing – but play along and you’ll find your emails reach your clients and don’t end up in spam filters.  Companies like Mailchimp are free to use if you start small.

(My spa uses a system called ConvertKit.   It’s amazing.  You can get a free demo and trial from them here.)

– Get permission

Make sure you have permission to email your clients.  Ideally, providing a link where they can add their details in themselves from their own home or mobile is ideal.

– Email regularly

An email database is worthless if you don’t use it.  Email regularly – if a recipient isn’t interested in your emails, they’ll quickly unsubscribe (an unsubscribe button is essential and all good providers will automatically add one to all emails and remove people automatically if they click on it).

Don’t worry if people unsubscribe and don’t take it personally.  You’re not trying to appeal to everyone and at least this means your emails are being delivered and read!


The purpose of email marketing should be to build a relationship first and make a sale second
The purpose of email marketing should be to build a relationship first and make a sale second

– Follow the 80/20 rule

Only 20% of your emails should be to sell something.  The point of your email database is to email people to build a relationship – not to take their money.

Use the database to talk to your clients about new products, testimonials, blogs, feedback, product reviews – then, and only then, hit them with a sales offer.

– Be friendly

A great email is one that’s written with genuine warmth and sincerity.  Be friendly and personable and make your emails interesting and light-hearted.

– Be language aware

Most of your database won’t be beauty professionals – and may get confused if you spout out all of the ‘industry jargon’ that many professionals do.  It will just intimidate and confuse your clients.  Be sure to explain what a gel polish is, talk through the benefits of the ingredients in products you use, and share the advantage of your knowledge.

Dont be scared to stay in touch and email when you have something great to say!

Keep it regular, keep it informative and keep it fun – and you’ll see fab results in your business.

Go and get writing!



This was adapted from my blog for Scratch Magazine.  You can read the original here if you wish.

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