Bonds Build Businesses

Bonds Build Businesses

Bonds Build Businesses


If you haven’t heard me say this before, you can’t have been to many of my lives!  It’s become a HUGE part of my mantra and a VERY important part of how we, as salon owners, should conduct ourselves.

I calculated a few months ago, that if we see our clients for one hour per month, we only see them for 0.0013% of the whole month.

Isn’t that crazy?

That means 99.86% of their time, they are NOT with us.

This means two very important things;

  • That we must use that precious 60 minutes to bond with them
  • That we must deepen that bond within the 99.9987% of time we are not with them

You see, I wholeheartedly believe that building bonds with your clients will help you in your business in a way that nothing else can.

Let me explain.

Our industry is a personal one.

It’s one where we physically touch our clients in most circumstances.

It’s one where we see them naked, see them without makeup, see them at their most vulnerable.

We become the people they tell our secrets to, the people they ask to help them prepare for a wedding or a big birthday.

We get to know their story, their family, their life.

We create, over time, a bond with them.

And this bond is an invisible attachment between us and them, that holds us together.

And this invisible attachment is what keeps people coming back to you time and time again.

These bonds are not just vital for the clients we’ve already met, they are also vital for the clients we are yet to meet.

We know that we care about our clients.

We know that we won’t judge their cellulite or wrinkles or stretch marks.

But do they know that?

This is why how you position yourself is vitally important.

Every post you put on Instagram or Facebook, every blog you write, every email you send, every clubhouse you host – these ALL impact how people see you and think about you.

And it’s these little moments and snapshots of you and your business that help people decide whether they may want to start a relationship with you moving forward.

It’s where they learn about your skills, your knowledge, your personality, your style, your passion, your ability and your creativity.

Because ultimately, this will ALL impact how they feel about you.

Building a bond with your client is a bit like meeting a partner, in a funny sort of way.

The way we might meet someone, get to know them and build a relationship with a client is really not dissimilar to how we might find our future spouse.

This stage, where we talk about building bonds, well, it’s a little like going online dating.

Imagine this…

You’re 25 years old, you love to go out and dance, you love dogs and kids and you love all-inclusive resorts in Spain and laying by the pool.

You want to meet a new partner.

You see a profile of a 28-year-old, who loves dogs, and loves to dance and enjoys trips abroad.

Promising, right?

The next profile is for someone who’s 48, never travelled abroad, likes to read and loves cats.

Which one are you likely to go for?

The former of course.

When your clients are out there seeking a new salon, what are they going to be looking for?

They want someone that aligns with them.  That has similar values, similar ideas, similar goals.  Things in common.  Things to talk about.

Because, coming to a salon for many, is a treat!

And with so many to choose from, they will be choosing the one they feel they can also have a long-term relationship with.

Because ultimately, it comes down to trust.  If you are going to take all your clothes off for a tan, or take your underwear off for a wax, or take your makeup off for a facial, you NEED to be able to trust that person.

And we do that by building bonds.

And we build bonds by communication with people – both those we have already served, and those still yet to discover us.

The fundamentals of ‘you’ and your business, should be infused into everything you talk about.

Your personality, your sense of humour, your drive, your goals.

These are the things that entice someone, that connects people and that allow us to build such wonderful relationships with.

The additional bonus to this of course is that when we put ourselves out there, we attract people that align with us – they’re the best clients to look after!

So what does your message say about you?

Who ARE You?

And are you telling your clients who you are?

This is IMPORTANT stuff.





Photo by Adam Jang on Unsplash


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