Don’t Go Into Business With Your Neighbour

February 7, 2022 Ryan
Don’t Go Into Business With Your Neighbour thumbnail

There’s a big lesson there from Helen Eveson, the latest salon owner to share her story on The Salonology Show podcast..

In fact, there are tonnes of lessons to be learned in this latest podcast episode.

Helen is a pretty tough cookie.

With decades of experience in the industry (not that you’d ever know looking at her – she practises what she preaches when it comes to skincare) she is someone who’s poured her heart and soul into her brand and her business.

We’ve been lucky enough to know Helen for quite a few years now and it’s just so impressive to see the incredible journey she’s been on.

From a business that went bad with her neighbours, to 17 years in a room where she could touch both walls with her arms if she stretched them out enough, all the way to building a booming 5 treatment room salon with a lounge, focusing on anti aging.

Helen’s proved that with a brilliant support network, and taking the opportunities that arise, you really can build a fab business.

More than anything, Helen’s built a business that fulfils her.

She loves her job, and is truly passionate about her business – but she’s just as comfortable jumping on a plane and taking time to see the big wide world.

Growth and freedoms sums her up pretty well!

An amazing woman with an inspiring story.

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