Free Salon Owner Lockdown Resources

Well, here we are again.

Lockdown 3.0 has struck the UK and many are now looking for resources to help ensure that they not only make it through this period but that they are ready to go like never before on the other side.

Whilst we shall be stepping up and providing free training and support to everyone every Wednesday and Friday at 10am on our main Facebook page we also know that some people want more.

That’s why we’ve provided all of these lockdown resources for you to enjoy.

All for free.

We don’t even want your email address.

We just want to help.

In this post we’ve included a whole host of resources which will help you with topics such as;

  • Getting to grips with email
  • Facebook strategies
  • Getting featured in the press
  • Growing your Instagram account
  • Finally sorting your salon marketing

Not only that but you’ll find;

  • Full length training videos never shared outside of our paid programs before
  • A free copy of Ryan’s Amazon #1 best selling book
  • Guides you can download
  • Videos to enjoy
  • Audio to consume

All as our gift to you.

All we ask is that if you enjoy this, please share it with someone else in our industry who you feel would find it beneficial.

We will get through this, together.

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Let’s dive in…


Full Length Training Videos You Can Binge


2021 Salon Reboot – 6 Free Ways To Grow Your Business

This training explains why there are only three ways to grow your business and why most people focus on the wrong one.  It then runs through six strategies you could put into place in your business – for free – to help grow once you’re able to reopen.   50 mins of pure content goodness.




Email Training – The Two Emails You Should Never Send Your Clients – And Five You Definitely Should

This training was recorded for the Virtual Hair and Beauty Summit in 2020 and will help you get to grips with your email strategy once and for all.  Email is free to send and a great way to build strong bonds with your clients and future clients.  There’s never been a better time to master this.    This is a 30 minute training and there are more email related goodies below, too.





Brilliant Beauty Business Bootcamp – ReBooted!

During Lockdown 1.0 we spend a whole week with salon owners going top to bottom to sort out their marketing.  That course sold for a few hundred pounds, but we’ve made the first day’s session available here for free.  It’s nearly two hours long and this session is all out your positioning in the marketplace.  You’ll want a pen and paper for this one!




How To Get Featured In The Local Press – Featuring Michelle and Christian from Write On Time!

Last year we were joined on our Facebook page by Michelle and Christian Ewen who are experts in getting local businesses featured in the press for a big impact.  In this hour long training they explained their simple-to-follow strategy which anyone could put into place right away.   You can learn more about this dynamic duo here.


Instagram Masterclass – With Jamie Butler from Lashbase

If you’re on Instagram then you’ll know Jamie Butler.  With well over 100,000 follows over his Instagram accounts you can’t miss him!  In this 80 minute training session he breaks down all the simple steps you need to be taking to ensure you’re seen by the right people on Instagram.  You can follow Jamie on Instagram here and follow his company, LashBase, here.



Shorter Videos – Because You Don’t Always Have Time For A Full Training


How To Write Your First Blog

Planning on finally starting your website blog during this lockdown?  Smart move!  Not sure where to start?  We get it!  In this short video Hollie breaks down exactly how to get the job done.



Charging Your Worth

Want your business to fly when you can reopen?  The quickest route to the money for many is to increase your prices.  When you understand and charge your worth



Becoming A Category Of One

Want your business to stand out?  Nice move!  The best to do this is by becoming a category of ONE.   Here, Hollie explains how to do it.



Prefer To Read? – Here Are Some Links To Our Most Popular Blogs We Think Will Help Right Now


How To Make More Time – Three Productivity Hacks


What To Do When You Can’t Find Your Mojo


Winning Awards For Your Business



More Of A Listener? – Here Are Some Links To Our Salon Owner Podcast, The Salonology Show


You can find every episode we’ve recorded by clicking here.  (Also available on all of your fave podcasting platforms).


You’ll find our chat with Millie Kendall MBE, CEO of the British Beauty Council here.


You’ll find our chat with Pete Scott, salon sales trainer extraordinaire here.


You’ll find our chat with Jamie Butler, LashBase and Instagram legend here.


You’ll find our chat with Pamela Laird, Apprentice semi finalist and owner of Moxi Loves here.


Still Thirsty For More? – We’ve Saved The Best Bits For Last…


You can download Ryan’s #1 best selling Amazon book as a PDF by clicking here.    This is currently on sale on Amazon for £9.99.  See!


If you’d rather have a physical paperback version then you can have one of those for free too, if you wish!   Just cover the P&P and we can make that happen (although we only have a few of these left right now).  Click here to grab yours!


Would you like to really ramp up your email?  Here’s a link to a course we currently sell – that you can download for free.  There’s real gold in here.  It’s called the Ultimate Guide To Email For Beauty Business Owners and you can download it here.


Phew!  That’s a lot to work through…


We really hope that you’ve found this useful.

We wanted to try and do our bit, and give back.

All we ask in exchange is that if you’ve found this useful then please share it with your fellow industry friends or indeed anyone who you feel might benefit.

We all need to pull together right now.

If you want to go deeper into our world, or would like a greater level of assistance then here are our links.

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To your health and happiness,



Hollie and Ryan xx





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