How To Write Your First Blog

October 6, 2020 Hollie Power
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If you’re a salon owner looking to write your first blog, then I’ve made this for you.


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My name is Hollie Power, I’m the co-founder of Salonology.

We are a UK based coaching company that specialises in helping salon owners find freedom and more success.

I wanted to talk today about writing a blog for your business.

Now, this seems to be a huge minefield for people, people feel absolutely terrified about their first blog, and they don’t know what to write, and they feel totally overwhelmed by it.

So I wanted to break it down just to some very, very simple steps and explain why blogs are so important.

There’s multiple reasons why you should have a blog on your website.

There’s SEO, so people can find you when they put certain keywords in.

But it’s also the fact that it represents you as an expert in your business.

If you Google anything nowadays, they’ll often be blogs – that’s often the information that we refer to.

And it gives us an opinion of the person who’s writing the blog, it gives us the opinion, that they have some expert knowledge that they’re sharing with us.  

Plus it helps us to bond together.

So writing a blog is very important, particularly being a salon owner, particularly being in this industry.

Because for so many people, this industry is an absolute minefield – but you are trained, and you’re an expert within it.

So you have a ton of information and a ton of knowledge that you can share with people.

And I know you may be thinking,  “Well, I’m not really an expert Hollie…

But compared to 99% of the population of people that aren’t trained, you absolutely are an expert, and it will help people to see you and view you in that manner.

Blogs are a very easy way that you can do it, where you can write it at your own pace, in your own way.

You’re not putting yourself on a live camera or anything like that, you’re just writing and sharing some information that can help some of your clients or potential clients.

Well, the very first thing to do, of course, when you’re writing a blog is to pick a good subject.

And this subject needs to be something that’s going to be helpful and informative to your client base.

You don’t want to be writing about something totally random, it needs to be related to your business.

And it needs to show off your knowledge and your skill sets.

So have a think about all the different things that your clients ask you.

Have a think about all the things that you tell your clients and you teach your clients.

Think about the different treatments that you offer and the services that you offer, and what you need to be telling your clients before and after those treatments, pre-care, aftercare, that sort of thing.

When you bring people in for various different treatments as well it’s often you’ll educate them during that time to help them understand about their skin, understand about their hair, understand about their nails.

A lot of people just get information thrown at them from all directions and unless it’s packaged up in an easy to understand way, many people just reject that information and don’t hold on to it.

So putting this information together in a really easy reading blog is a brilliant way of putting yourself out in front of your clients.

So you need to pick a subject that’s going to be of interest to them or helpful to them.

So the very first thing is, get your subject and break it down into smaller pieces.

You don’t want to read a blog that’s just lots of text.

Everything needs to be broken down.

So the first thing is after you’ve got your main subject, break it down into smaller subjects.

Help people be able to scan the information easier, to make sure it resonates with them.

Let them consume it in the most easiest way possible.

If you chuck a huge block of text at them, people will not read it.

So break it down into simple sub headings for each little thing you’re going to talk about.

Start with a clear, beginning, middle and end.

Much like a story, people want to go through a journey when they’re reading something.

So start off at the natural beginning, take it to a peak and finish with a resolution.

And make sure that when your clients have read it, they have the opportunity to have learned something from it or taken something positive away from reading your blog.

We want to reward people from coming and reading the information that we share.

And of course, once you’ve written your blog, once you’ve made it easy reading, informative and interesting, it’s brilliant content to share.

You can get it out on your social media posts, you can get it out to your email database, and it will help people get to know you better.

Hope this inspires you to get out there and publish your first blog!



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