Ryan On The MAX20 Podcast – Maximise Your Potential

September 18, 2020 Ryan
Ryan On The MAX20 Podcast – Maximise Your Potential thumbnail

I recently had the pleasure of being invited onto the MAX20 podcast – a show dedicated to maximising your potential.

It’s a refreshing concept; a bitesize twenty minute interview with no fluff and no filler.

The brainchild of Jon Macleod from Greenshoot Marketing (a Google agency, specialising in helping salons with their Google accounts) this is well worth a listen if you’re looking to get the most from your time.

Some of what you’ll discover…

  • – how the idea for Salonology came about
  • – what my thoughts are on business partners
  • – what my number one peeve is with today’s online world

You can watch the entire video episode here.

Jon also wanted to know my top two productivity tips for another mini interview (less than 5 minutes long).

You can watch that here.