Help Us To Raise £10,000 To Save More Lives

April 21, 2021 Ryan
Help Us To Raise £10,000 To Save More Lives thumbnail

Do Something Amazing – Help to Reduce Suicide Rates and Increase Mental Health Awareness in the UK

As beauty therapists, hairdressers and barbers, we are about so much more than helping people to ‘look good’.

We are there to make them feel good too.

But what about when someone doesn’t feel too good?  Someone who’s struggling?

Would you know what to say?  What to do?  How to help?

We all know our clients open up to us in a way they don’t to family and friends – which puts us in a position of privilege.

We are a network of professionals that spans the country and sits upon every High Street, in every town and village, ready with a listening ear.

So, imagine if we, as a network, were able to use our incredible position to save lives, every day, by just having a little better understanding of how to handle those that walk into our salons, and  aren’t doing so well.

We invite you to join our challenge to raise £10,000 for the Lions Barber Collective.

A charity dedicated to helping OUR industry learn how to recognise, ask, listen and help, when your client might need you most.

We think that’s pretty important, don’t you?

Let’s show the world how awesome our industry is and raise some money.

You can walk, run, cycle, hike just five miles, on or around the 6th June, wherever you are in the country, and become part of this incredible challenge.

Here are all of the details…

Click here to join our Salonology team and raise funds toward our target

(And snag yourself an AMAZING medal too!)

Don’t want to run but would like to donate?  That’s awesome too, and you rock!

Click here to sponsor Ryan or here to sponsor Hollie (it all goes in the same pot).

You can also listen the entire interview with Tom on The Salonology Show podcast here.

Find out more about the amazing work the Lions Barber Collective are doing here.

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