We’ve Changed Our Name and Upped Our Game!

August 15, 2019 Hollie Power
We’ve Changed Our Name and Upped Our Game! thumbnail

Goodbye Beauty Business Superstars… hello, Salonology!

The power of practicing what you preach eh?

If you’ve watched any of Ryan’s videos, you’ll know he just abhors boring marketing and branding – favouring ‘thinking outside the box’ and cool, new fresh ideas – with a sprinkling of lessons from the giant global brands.

So, it was quite eye opening when one Saturday afternoon, Ryan and I had a very scary realisation.


It was meh.



Beauty Business Superstars was a name that just kind of evolved through our journey – and neither of us had ever felt particularly enamoured by it. But it was the name we had, and we totted along.

But after this particular realisation, we both knew we had to make some changes.


So out came some wine, and we sat in the office, in front of our HUGE whiteboard, whilst I yelled words at Ryan and he furiously scribbled them down.

Rome wasn’t built in a day though – and we just didn’t quite get the right name.

If I loved it, Ryan hated it.

If he loved it, I thought it was too ‘boy-ish’

Every so often I’d shake Ryan awake in the night and whisper something like ‘Salon Magic’ and he’d tell me to be quiet and go back to sleep.

Then, one night, we went on ‘date night’ – which for us is MASSIVELY important as we work, live, train and socialise together.

And despite us agreeing to ‘no work talk’ we started to discuss names…

Now, we aren’t just cookie cutter business coaches – so the name had to reflect what we did.

We coach, we mentor we create courses.

We have a community.

We share heaps of free info.

We are motivators, supporters and cheerleaders.

And then, as we sat enjoying a chilled beer each, one of us just said it.


Now, there is a debate about who ‘actually’ said it first (I think it was me of course but Ryan believes otherwise).

So we shall say the birth of the brand Salonology shall remain a joint effort, before divorce papers are filed.

An ‘-ology’ is the study and the science of something – and we believe it very much fits what we do.

Its also fun to say!

Salonology rolls of the tongue quite nicely, except after too much Prosecco.   Apparently.  😉

So, there we have it!

A new brand, a new vibe, a new feel.

We needed to shake things up!

We have been growing at such an incredible rate that we needed a kick arse name for a kick arse community.

Do you love it as much as we do?

With the new name, comes new inspiration and this business is just set to grow, develop, and make huge changes for small businesses.

We CANNOT wait to go on this adventure with everyone with us!

Much love,

Hollie xxx