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March 19, 2020 Hollie Power
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If you’re anything like me, you probably wake each morning and now check your phone for the latest updates.

Our social media feeds are filled with worrying news, good news, scary news and downright absurd news.

So often though, it’s hard to know what falls into which category.

The thing is that operating a salon – without all this extra concern – is hard enough!

But, as we are predicted further challenges ahead, I’d love to share some ways with you to stay positive, beat this lockdown and stay strong.


The Long Term

Looking long term is vital here.  I know we are worried about the immediate impact this will have on your salon, but we also know that it won’t last forever.

Many of us will come out the other side – ideally stronger, fitter and healthier.

And I mean that in mind, body, soul AND business.

As we emerge from this, which we will, we need to be ready.  Waiting on the other side of this ‘hurdle’ will be opportunity.

Think of it like this; when a plane takes off, the majority of its energy is used to get it off the ground. Once it reaches altitude, it will cruise easier.

The same applies to a business.

Doing the work to get it off the ground, upfront, often leads to higher levels of success because the hard work is front loaded – allowing a business to hit altitude cruise level much quicker.

BUT, many many businesses don’t do that.

Many of us just want to get started – and those foundation levels aren’t implemented. Meaning the business never reaches the altitude it needs.

Therefore, if you want to fly high in the future, use THIS time as a chance to boost your take off.


The Short Term

I work with hundreds of salon owners and I hear one thing, over and over again.

“I know what I need to do. I just don’t have the time.”

Now, we know this situation is less than ideal. It’s scary and overwhelming and worrying.

BUT it’s also an opportunity.

It’s a chance for you to look at the foundations of your business and re-strengthen them. To ensure the building blocks are in place.

We are about to be hit by something we’ve not experienced before – which is what makes it so very scary for people.

But we will overcome it.

There is light at the end of the tunnel – we just aren’t quite sure yet how long the tunnel is.

We have to be both proactive and reactive throughout this journey.

We need to think ahead, try and predict the bones of what may happen and be prepared – whilst also shifting our focus on what’s happening day to day.

It’s a fine balance – by being prepared but aware, we can ensure we stand in the strongest position possible.

We know a few things are – at the time of writing – likely;

  • Client numbers will continue to drop
  • The government will announce a lockdown meaning we all need to isolate
  • The spread of the virus will be reduced
  • Businesses eventually re-open and life returns to normal

This is what has happened elsewhere in other countries.

We are seeing China emerging from the spread and starting to get back into normality – and the same will happen to us.

So, the goal here, is to get from now to then, in the strongest position possible.

The strongest piece of advice I can give you is to use this time effectively.

By all means, catch up on some Netflix and have the odd nap.  But don’t waste a potential clear run of time on mindless and unproductive tasks – when you could be using it to protect your future.

Whether your business is new and fragile or big and booming, one way or another, this event will probably negatively impact you. Your absolute priority right now (when it comes to business) is to protect your business and yourself.


In Lockdown

Now we’re in lockdown, you’re going to have a block of time on your hands.

You’ll be at home, working and planning from a different environment – and that, in itself can be tough.

There may be bored kids, bored partners, TVs on, washing to do, meals to cook – the usual drill.

It takes WORK to WORK from home, because distractions are common.  Kids see you at home and think that means family time. Frozen II will probably be on repeat.  Husbands will complain they can’t find their clean pants and need your help (they were in the top drawer all along of course).

It can be a struggle, but you need to stay focused.

Make yourself a timetable and commit to completing tasks at certain times – and reward yourself with something more relaxing at the end if you need to.

Speak to your partner and discuss how you want to use the time effectively. For instance, my husband and I are salon coaches, and we are currently building a new program – that sits on our agenda.  But so does re-organising our garden cabin, repainting our staircase and clearing out the kitchen.

Work out how many hours a day you want to focus on your business and set a time when you can concentrate best.  If you have kids or other people / tasks around that will want your time, try to manage it with a partner and see if they can help to keep them busy whilst you focus.

Set times for TV, baking, puzzles, play time and painting for them (or you too – I love puzzles and baking).

Try to avoid turning the TV on until later, so you can stay focused.



If you can carve out a decent few hours a day, you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. All those tasks that had been left undone for so long, can finally be completed.

Because here is the thing.  The strongest businesses are built on the strongest foundations.

Google rankings don’t just happen.  Someone has worked to build a profile, gain positive reviews, upload and tag images.  Facebook presence takes time.  Insta success takes time.

Trust between you and your clients takes time.

Fortunately, you have time!  Plenty of it!

Think of the following as a start of things you can be looking at

  • Is your social media giving out the right message?
  • Is your website performing as it should?  Does it need updating, spell checking, re–writing or fresh images?
  • Have you been thinking about changing your treatment offerings?
  • Have you been thinking about changing your prices?


This is a great opportunity to re-set, re-think and plan for the future.

One thing we have all learned here is life is unpredictable. It’s my goal to get you to the best place you can be. We should use this as a chance to prepare ourselves for these eventualities.  To try to manage cash flow.  To make sure our staff have contracts that protect everyone.  To propel us forward to a stronger position for future changes.



Of course, as we are in lockdown, it doesn’t all need to be about work.  Take it as an opportunity to have some down time.  Read some books.  Take a pampering bath.  Work out.  Make a vision board.  Reach out to old friends.  Help those in need in anyway you can.

If you aren’t in our Salon Owner Lockdown Challenge group on Facebook, get involved ASAP.

It’s free and is a fabulous and positive place for salon owners to work through daily challenges to help them weather the storm.   Heck, we’re even giving out prizes!

It’s also a place of positivity when much of the world is losing its head.

There is support for you.

You can join us all here.


Post updated 25th March 2020

You should absolutely familiarise yourself with the latest government updates to see what help you are entitled to.  Do that here.

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