Winning Awards For Your Beauty Business

January 8, 2019 Ryan
Winning Awards For Your Beauty Business thumbnail

Winning awards for your beauty business is a smart idea.

After all, we all prefer to deal with an award winning business above one who hasn’t won any awards, all other things being equal, right?

So not only will you start to attract new clients toward you but you’ll also find that these clients –

  • are less resistant to price and are less likely to ask for discounts
  • are delighted to pay a premium price for your treatments, products and services
  • are more likely to refer their friends to you
  • are likely to be a more attractive type of client than one who always hunting out bargains and special offers

Not only this but a nice, shiny award will look beautiful in your reception area!

Our industry is blessed with plenty of awards for you and your business to enter.

Choose some, and just go for it.   You can click on the names to be taken directly to their websites.  Remember you won’t win any which you don’t enter!

English Hair and Beauty Awards

Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards

British Hair and Beauty Awards

Salon Business Awards

National Hairdresser Federation Awards

Professional Beauty Awards


Beauty Guild Awards

You might also want to do some Google searches for your local area to see if there are other types of award ceremony you can enter…

  • Local Business Awards
  • Local Women in Business Awards
  • National Women in Business Awards
  • Young Person Awards
  • New Business Awards
  • Wedding Supplier Awards
  • Customer Service Awards
  • Entrepreneur Awards

Good luck and go for it!