Tackling The Trolls

March 7, 2016 Hollie Power
Tackling The Trolls thumbnail

Business is wonderful, and so are the fantastic rewards and exciting adventures that come along with being a business owner.

However, there’s one little thing that I don’t love about being the boss; people being mean online about me or my business!

We all experience it; a negative review, a rude comment, an unfair complaint.

These are things that happen in business – but for me, they keep me awake at night!

In fact recently, I had someone say some scathing things about me on a beauty forum and I still find it very upsetting.

So here’s my guide on how to deal with the negative and move on:


We have all heard of trolls and how they sit behind their computer screen and criticise everything and everyone, and the chances are, you’ll experience them at some point.


It’s hard not to, I know.

I struggle to disconnect from it, because it can be hurtful – particularly if it’s untrue, but the chances are, it’s what they do.

They are probably very negative and look for the bad rather than the good – and like to shout about their findings.


The worst thing you can do is to respond in a manner similar to theirs.  It can look unprofessional and drop you to their level.

Shut your computer, go to the gym or take a walk and revisit it when you feel calmer.


The best way to respond is professionally and straight up.  Thank them for their feedback and say you have noted their comments.  Politely correct anything they’ve said that’s incorrect or unfair.


Anyone who reads the feed and sees your response will have respect about the professional way you’ve dealt with things.

Move on now.

Remember – this is something that comes with business. You’ve portrayed yourself in a good manner, so it’s time to get back to the fun stuff!


This was adapted from a piece I wrote for Scratch Magazine – if you wish you can see the original here.