What To Do When You Can’t Find Your Mojo

June 9, 2020 Hollie Power
What To Do When You Can’t Find Your Mojo thumbnail

You’ve looked under the sofa.

You’ve checked the bits and bobs draw.

You’ve even checked the fridge in case you accidentally left it in there (because, don’t we do that all the time?).

But it’s no where to be found.

Your mojo has done one. 

I totally get it.

You get days where you just don’t operate at full capacity.  Like when your iPhone is almost out of battery and it keeps getting stuck.

We all have those days – but they are just so frustrating, aren’t they?

You don’t get anything done.

You find yourself checking Facebook on your phone, after you literally just checked it on your laptop (Karen enjoyed her bike ride, you learned) and now you’re just kinda, floating.

Well, I thought I’d write a blog about it – because today, I’m having exactly one of those days. 

And what better reason to pull myself out of a funk, than to do it to help others do it too.

Recently, I have seen lots of you lot having these days and they frankly suck.

Is it the waning moon?

Is it the weather?

Who knows.

All I know is I’ve just hidden the wrapper of a supersize vegan chocolate bar under the other rubbish in the bin so Ryan doesn’t see it.

And when I do things like that, I know I need to snap out of my pit and make some changes.

So, here is what to do….


  • Forgive yourself

There is zero point stressing about ‘days’ like this. As much as you have days where you are a productivity queen, you also have off days where very little gets sorted.

That’s OK. It’s kinda like your body saying “you’ve done enough, take a break”.


  • Listen to your body

Sometimes our body actually needs us to take a break and turn our minds off.

If you’re super tired, and you can take nap without a dependent riding the dog round the house and eating all the ice cream, then do.

Your body will thank you. If you want to laze in a bubble bath, do.


  • Get moving

The best thing to do when you feel stale, is to shake things up!

Do some star jumps, go for a walk, do a workout – whatever floats your boat.


  • Put on some tunes

When the song “I just cant wait for the weekend to begin” came out 15 years ago or so, I refused to play it unless it was the actual weekend and I could go out and dance.

Play a song that makes you feel that way – that gets you feeling and happy and shaking your booty.


  • Do something fun

It doesn’t all have to be work work work.

If you’re feeling flat, liven things up with something fun!

Watch a funny film, speak to your favourite person, play with the dog!


  • Look up something you love

When I hit brain fog time, I like to look at holidays.

It re-ignites my flame and gets me motivated to workout and work hard!

If I want nice holidays I need to work hard.

And if I want to look good on those nice holidays, I need to work out.

Look at that thing that motivates you.

Far flung destinations, your dream home, new cars, a pair of Louboutins… have a little indulgence time whist you visualise your dreams coming to life.


  • Get one task done

If you can get just ONE thing ticked off your list, you’ll feel better and like you have actually achieved something – even on a ‘meh’ day.

Pick the easiest task on your list and power on through – then treat yourself to a chocolate bar (assuming you haven’t eaten one already, like me, wrapper hiding in the bin).

But most of all folks, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Tomorrow is a new day!



Lots of love,


Hollie xx