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Episode Show Notes


We might all think we’re aware of the extent to which greenwashing happens in our industry, but you’ll be shocked at the reality of legislation around what constitutes ‘organic’ products…

Fighting the wave of greenwashing with her TRULY organic massage oils is the incredible Lottie Davies, who has coined the phrase “learn to turn” so we can see what’s really in our products.

Lottie joins us on The Salonology Show to share how she’s kept her life balance between business ownership and being a marvellous mama, ways we can battle greenwashing in beauty, and the somewhat smelly story that taught her to hire slow, fire fast…


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • Fighting back against the growing greenwashing issues
  • Lottie’s drive to start a business at such an early career stage
  • The bizarre story that taught invaluable lessons around hiring and firing
  • How Lottie values the importance of a healthy life balance


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Episode Highlights

“There’s so much greenwashing out there and so many natural products available, but you don’t really know what’s in it. So there’s a lot of misinformation in that sector” – 5:15 – Lottie Davies


“You can have 1% ingredient in a formulation of a natural organic product, and they can call it natural organic and it can be marked that way, even if the rest of it is absolute rubbish. 1% – That’s it. Brands can set their own natural standards too.”-  7:15 – Lottie Davies


“IIt’s going to be better for the planet if we can have less on our bathroom shelves. So we sell honest products, and they do multiple things. So our face, body and bath oils can really be used anywhere.” – 10:30 – Lottie Davies


“I love the diversity of the beauty industry and the variety. There are so many different bits. You can go to college and do beauty but really, there’s a whole massive world of beauty out there. You can do anything you want, it’s massive.” – 13:40 – Lottie Davies


“Sustainability is something I was introduced to, thankfully, very early on in my career, and I’m very passionate about, I’m very interested in and fully and wholeheartedly believe in. But then I’ve seen this growth because I’ve been in it since the start, seeing the way it’s growing. It’s not going anywhere, and it’s only going to get bigger.” – 20:00 – Lottie Davies


“I don’t think college education is where it should be. I think they don’t teach enough client bedside manners. We’ve had issues in the past with confidentiality and not oversharing your personal life with clients, and even down to the treatments, they just don’t leave refined enough in their skills.” – 28:05 – Lottie Davies


“I think that life balance is key as a business owner. In the past, there was a point I made myself really quite poorly, working too much worrying about everything too much, and it’s just not worth it.” – 30:40 – Lottie Davies