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Episode Show Notes

We love bringing you the Real Salon Owner Stories series as much as you guys seem to enjoy listening, so we’re delighted to host the marvellous Kerry Douglas on this week’s Salonology Show!

From therapies on cruises and planes to a 16 year-strong salon with over a dozen committed members of the team, Kerry really has done it all.

Hear from the Owner of Body Sense Beauty Salon on making steps towards delegation, staying resilient, and hiring your first team member.


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • How to take the bold jump into delegation
  • The pride in building a salon that’s known, trusted and respected
  • Kerry’s incredible resilience throughout Body Sense’s 16 years
  • Advice for owners thinking of making their first hire


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Episode Highlights

“For years, I’ve always told myself ‘I don’t have any experience, I’ve never been a manager, I’m winging it’. But actually, I’ve got lots of other experiences. I know what it’s like to be an employee, how I like to be treated, and where I want my own career to go. So I just try and mimic those opportunities with my girls.” – 5:05 – Kerry Douglas


“Now I look back and actually think ‘Wow, I’ve done a lot’. I’m really proud of what I’ve done, but I’m definitely a girl that looks for the goal and then figures out the how afterwards.”-  10:20 – Kerry Douglas


“I’d got to the point where I loved the travel, but I knew I was getting to a place in life where I was starting to think about wanting to have children and having more of a normal life and routine. So then I thought let’s have a go at being a salon owner. How hard could it be? Really hard, as it turns out!” – 16:10 – Kerry Douglas


“I just love that people know who we are, and ask me about treatments. When they want to have something done they say ‘We’ll wait till you start doing that, I’m not going to go somewhere else’. That makes me feel so proud that people really trust us, believe in us, and respect our education and knowledge.” – 21:35 – Kerry Douglas


“I see a lot of my clients more than I do some of my friends and family. Suddenly when you haven’t seen people for three or four months, I’d forgotten that. I didn’t appreciate how much we were actually involved in our clients lives. So yeah, that’s something that I really love about the industry and I think makes us quite unique to other industries; that connection.” – 24:05 – Kerry Douglas


“For a lot of people, they’re afraid to let go. But then they’re not happy with their work life balance. So you have to just bite the bullet really and use your goals as your motivation to succeed. That’s what I did – the reasons behind my ‘why’, behind delegating, was my goal.” – 26:40 – Kerry Douglas


“I think it’s the fact that I didn’t know stuff that has bought me so far. There’s a lot to be said about just learning as you go. It’s made me quite a resilient and determined personality.” – 31:25 – Kerry Douglas