Episode 44

E044: Real Salon Owner Stories with Managing Director of Radiant Living, Rachael Hyland #44

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Episode Show Notes

In 2005, Rachael Hyland traded in work with the British Broadcasting Corporation for the world of the British Beauty Council, and since then has grown her incredible, award-winning brand, Radiant Living.

This week’s Real Salon Owner Story is packed with inspiration, tales of turning low moments into golden ones, and The Salonology Show’s first canine star…

Find out more about how you should carefully consider new equipment without the dazzle of marketing, why the customer experience around the treatment is almost more important than the treatment itself, and what we can do to boost the industry’s reputation!


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • Rachael’s entry into the beauty industry without the preconceptions of prior experience
  • Why buying new machinery isn’t about your dreams, it’s about the return it’ll bring
  • The huge ‘pots of good’ you can find in dire situations
  • Why it’s absolutely worth putting yourself forward for awards
  • The need to boost our industry’s reputation as incredible, talented business owners


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Episode Highlights

“My ethos is to offer luxury treatments in luxury surroundings and offer five star everything really. We do offer every range of beauty treatment going, but my real passion is with the really high end treatments. So the big technology is where my passion is, with the lasers, micro-needling, plasma, all these really top end treatments.” – 2:45 – Rachael Hyland


“My mum is a hairdresser, so I’d already had some knowledge of going into her hairdressers and helping make teas and wash hair and take rollers out. But my business that I started wasn’t hair – it does have hair now, but for 10 years it didn’t. So that was my only experience really, my mum owning a business.” – 8:15 – Rachael Hyland


“I remember 17 years ago, this spray tan machine cost £1650. I remember thinking Christ, that’s a lot of money, isn’t it for a spray tan machine? Now you can get them for like £100-300. They were so expensive then, so that prepared me for this mentality of spending money on equipment. I didn’t mind spending the money when I saw that it would work.” – 10:35 – Rachael Hyland


“People come in not just to have that treatment, this whole process is not necessarily just about having their eyebrows done, nails done or laser hair treatments. It’s absolutely everything from the moment they walk in to how they’re spoken to, how they’re taken upstairs, the treatment itself, how they pay, how they’re spoken to after that, rebooking so that their every need is met. That’s what makes the difference.” – 13:55 – Rachael Hyland


“Just do it your way and don’t worry about what other people think. When something bad happens, or you think something bad happens, really there’s a huge lesson there. Whatever that problem is, or that hurdle or that disastrous thing that’s happened to you, really there’s a massive pot of good in that bad.” – 17:05 – Rachael Hyland


“The reputation of the beauty industry is not always that good. People will look at it and think, ‘You’re a beautician, you must be thick’. I think that’s what they think and they don’t realise that there’s a lot of really savvy business women out there who work unbelievably hard, and they employ a lot of people.” – 20:00 – Rachael Hyland


“Whenever I think that something’s going wrong, I just think ‘It’s not falling down around me, and it will never fall down around me, and I’ll make sure it won’t’. That hardship has really done me a massive favour.” – 28:40 – Rachael Hyland


“I’ve set up this entity where I want to help business owners pick and choose the right equipment to help them make more money, so they don’t get dazzled by the shiny marketing campaigns, but actually think wisely about the equipment that will be right for their business to help them make more money, be more profitable, but not get ripped off. I’ve seen that a lot and I myself got ripped off in the past, and it’s easy to get ripped off.” – 32:00 – Rachael Hyland


“I really think business owners should tap into the equipment that’s out there because the advancements in technology over the last 15 years has been absolutely immense. There will be a piece of technology that won’t cost them the earth that will make them a lot of money, that they could operate with the knowledge that they have plus some extra training, and do very well financially for themselves.” – 39:40 – Rachael Hyland



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