Episode 37

E037: Real Salon Owner Stories with Bliss Beauty Keyworth’s Helen Eveson #37

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Episode Show Notes


After such a positive response to Lorna’s appearance on The Salonology Show, it’s our pleasure to bring you another fantastic Real Salon Owner Story – joining us on the podcast this week is Helen Eveson, Owner of Bliss Beauty Keyworth!


Helen’s experience in the industry spans an incredible 30 years, and gives her a wonderful perspective on how beauty has changed in that time, as well as what’s in store…


We chat with Helen about her route into beauty, the essential relationships you should build with clients, how newcomers to the industry should look to get a breadth of experience under their belt, and how she kept her personal touch running throughout her email marketing.


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • The origins of Helen’s incredible 30+ year journey in the industry
  • Advice for newcomers to the industry looking to gain experience
  • Why Helen’s personal touch helped her to perfect her email marketing
  • How to build strong, lasting bonds with your clients


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Episode Highlights

“The hardest part was kitting out the room, just making it as we wanted it. Everything had to be really compact and small. But we kitted it all out thinking that I wouldn’t be there very long. I stayed there for 13 whole years in that room!” – 6:05 – Helen Eveson


“So now we’ve got that special place where I will do absolutely anything to keep that salon going, and let it grow. I go in every day, and I just love where I work. The girls are really good. I’ve now got a team of five, and we’ve got five treatment rooms and a lounge. We do afternoon teas and things like that. So it’s been a good journey – hard but good. ”- 12:10 – Helen Eveson


“It’s a bit like driving a car. Once you pass your test, you then learn, and beauty is exactly the same. You just cover the bare basics at college, and it’s only when you get to work with different brands that you dig a lot deeper into the industry so much more, which is really good.” –15:00 – Helen Eveson


“I’m doing fewer treatments now, currently doing four days and going down to three days from March. I’ve got really good at delegating to my team now, I’ve got every confidence in my team. It’s taken a while for me to pass it over, but yeah, they’re so good.” – 18:45 – Helen Eveson


“Things that I was doing 30 years ago, they’re still doing at college now. They need to update what they’re doing. They’re still not showing them more of the high end treatments, they’re just showing them the basics. I think we need to get a little bit of an understanding of that as well. So that’s how I feel, but I think the industry is definitely gonna go more aesthetic based.” – 24:00 – Helen Eveson


“Take as many opportunities as you can. Even if you want your own business at the end of the day, even if eventually that is your dream to have your own salon, just go out there. Go and work for salons and get as much experience as you can with all of the different brands and see how everybody does everything, and then build your own picture of what you want from your business. That way, you’ll have much more of an insight into how you do it.” – 27:15 – Helen Eveson


“Know your numbers, understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, and charge your worth. I found a price list the other day that I’d made at college. A manicure was like £8 – when you look back and you see things like that you think, ‘Oh my God’. I think a lot of people think, ‘I can charge that’ but they don’t consider all the overheads that go with that as well.” – 29:35 – Helen Eveson


“It took a long time for me to actually realise that that isn’t just about the facial or the nails. It’s about the chat and the banter and all that that goes with it. Each person builds up personalities.” – 36:05 – Helen Eveson

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