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Episode Show Notes


There are so many incredible salon owner stories from our community, and with The Salonology Show primed for a fresh format we’ve invited the amazing Lorna Roythorne-Du Ross onto the podcast!


Our community is truly one of the best parts of what we do, and after our ‘Real Salon Owner Stories’ series on Clubhouse last year, we’re now at the perfect time to draw on learnings and experiences from you lovely listeners.


Lorna, who runs RDR Beauty Clinic and has been a frequent contributor on the podcast’s Q&A format, joins us to share her gripes around the moral issues in our industry, the top tip she’d give newcomers to salon ownership, and the best advice she ever received from the one and only Anita Roddick…


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • The importance of morality in our industry
  • How to grow stronger rather than bigger
  • Lorna’s best business/life advice courtesy of Anita Roddick herself
  • Advice for newcomers to the beauty industry


This episode of The Salonology Show is sponsored by Timely.


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Episode Highlights

“Semi-permanent makeup is my absolute passion. That is where my happy place is. But I think coming out of the industry and then being pulled back in, it was the confidence in myself that really changed in terms of the treatments that I offer.” –7:35 – Lorna Roythorne-Du Ross


“I obviously don’t hate the industry, but what I don’t like is the pressure that’s put on women. I hate the fact that people come in and want the same thing over and over again, it’s just not what we do here. It’s not the kind of clients we attract, because I think everyone is beautiful and no one should ever feel like they’re not good enough.” –8:50 – Lorna Roythorne-Du Ross


“Certain beauty treatments are possible to do in one go and I think that’s really scary. I think we should actually be held accountable to say, ‘Yes, we can do it, but should we do that to a person?’. Particularly when we have young women walking through our doors, I think we have to ask that question, should we be doing this?” –11:15 – Lorna Roythorne-Du Ross


“You’ve got to go with your gut, because what you’ve got inside of you is what is going to drive you every single day. So go with YOUR gut, especially when it’s YOUR salon.” – 15:45 – Lorna Roythorne-Du Ross


“When you take over a business, or when you open a business, no matter which direction that’s come from, it is yours. So you have to put your stamp on it. Because if you don’t love it, and you don’t walk in and know that what you’re doing is yours, that is really difficult to get through.” – 20:45 – Lorna Roythorne-Du Ross


“I think great education is the key to everything and I have not stopped educating myself since I’ve started in the industry. I always go on extra courses because you can never learn too much. I think it doesn’t matter whether you want to work for someone or start your own salon or anything. If you haven’t got a good education, you will not survive in this industry.” – 24:10 – Lorna Roythorne-Du Ross


“We know a hell of a lot in our industry, and it drives me bonkers that that’s not respected by ourselves by not putting it out there that we should be regulated in our education. I think it’s just wrong, and that’s me putting it politely.” –25:50 – Lorna Roythorne-Du Ross