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Show Notes  


Yes, it’s true, as a salon or spa owner, you are actually allowed to fire a client!

You’ve worked extremely hard to build a business you enjoy, with a team who provide excellent service and you are justified in not allowing an individual to impact your business negatively.

In this very first episode of The Salonology Show, we dive into exactly how to do this and then how to attract the right sort of clients – the dream clients, the perfect clients, the “cherry on top of the cake” type of clients that will understand your values and ethos.

This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • 80% of your problems will come from 20% of your clients
  • The customer isn’t always right
  • Making an impact outside of the salon environment
  • Connecting through content
  • Stepping out from behind the camera
  • People buy from people
  • Being honest and authentic


Episode Highlights  


I think every single business has one of these clients – someone that isn’t really bothered about playing to the rules of your business. They might turn up late, change their appointments at the last minute or be negative or rude towards you. It can be incredibly frustrating” Hollie Power – 8:10

We’re in an age now, where actually we don’t need to put up with a client that disrespects us as a business, and sometimes the customer isn’t always right” Hollie Power – 9:34 

80% of your problems are going to come from 20% of your clients. And conversely 80% of your profit is going to come from just 20% of your clients! So why not focus on those really good clients and get rid of the rubbish ones?” Ryan Power – 13:21

How much of an impact do you need to have on a client in that one hour bubble during their treatment to be memorable and build a long term relationship? Bonds build businesses!” Hollie Power – 17:38

When you’ve got a client base and you want to connect with them, and you want to build that long term relationship, you need to find those connections and they come from putting your personality out through social media.” Hollie Power – 19:41

Not everyone is going to be your perfect client or your dream client. Certain client’s are going to resonate with you and with your branding, your ethos and the values of your company. So we need to attract these perfect clients!” Ryan Power – 25:56

It’s about showing them who you are as a person, as a family member and friend. It’s about creating stories. It’s about creating a picture and building that up for your clients, so they can make a decision and decide if you are the right fit for them.Hollie Power – 28:02

Ultimately people buy from people. They don’t buy brands. They want to buy from people. So you need to put yourself in front of the camera a little more and show the person behind the business because your clients are going to find it much easier to connect with you, the person, rather than the business.” Ryan Power – 36:59

Stop trying to make out that you’re a massive salon that hires 50 people with 20 people, if it’s you in your garage. There’s no problem with you being you and your garage, but be honest. It’s going to be pretty flipping obvious when the client turns up!” Ryan Power – 38:11


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