Episode 10

E010: JP de Villiers – From Intensive Care To The Top Of The Mountain – The ‘Miracle Man’ Shares His Inspiring Story

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Episode Show Notes

If you’re in need of 50 minutes that will change your world view, help you handle these volatile times and realise your dreams and ambitions, then look no further.

Whether it’s speaking in front of UAE royalty, releasing no fewer than 4 bestselling books, hosting a TEDx talk, competing in martial arts, ultra-marathons and cycling challenges, or even recovering from near-fatal injuries to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, there are no superlatives to describe the inspiration to be found in the eventful life of Jean Pierre de Villiers.

We hear the incredible mantras that JP has lived by, how they have helped him achieve his goals and – most importantly – how you can take the first steps to do the same!

This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • JP’s extraordinary recovery from a near-fatal bike crash
  • Finding the drive to climb mountains, both physical and metaphorical
  • Changing thinking through daily habits
  • Coping with volatility and uncertainty
  • Taking steps towards better life choice

This episode of The Salonology Show is sponsored by Timely.

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Links & references

Connect with JP:
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JPDVpeakperformance/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jpdvintl/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/j_p_d_v/
Website: https://jeanpierredevilliers.com

Online Coaching Community (Best Life MBA)
3 Month Coaching Program (Ordinary to Extraordinary)

Ryan Power: https://www.instagram.com/itsryanpower/
Hollie Power: https://www.instagram.com/holliefromsalonology/
Salonology Superstars free Facebook community for salon owners: https://www.facebook.com/groups/salonology
Timely: https://www.gettimely.com/gb/

Get in touch: hello@salonology.uk


Episode Highlights

We need to keep showing up in service of others rather than of ourselves.” – 6:13 – JP de Villiers

A lot of the work that I do as a coach is to help people commit to goals that they know are so much of a stretch, that once they can achieve that goal, there’s no way they can be the same person that they were when they got in touch with me.” – 9:57 – JP de Villiers

“Climbing a mountain is the perfect metaphor for facing challenges and adversity and uncertainty. Because there’s no amount of certainty that comes with climbing a mountain. All you can guarantee is I’ll take my next step. Everything else is just hoping for the best.” – 13:40 – JP de Villiers

Ask any child if they just want to be average. Not only will they say no, but they won’t understand what you mean. What does settling mean?” – 14:42 – JP de Villiers

Don’t use your thinking to change your thinking. First, use your habits. This is why daily practices are so important because our habits over time influence and impact who we become.” – 19:51 – JP de Villiers

Nothing in life can let you down other than your expectation of how you believe it should be. If you had no expectation of things going right, nothing can ever go wrong.” – 23:10 – JP de Villiers

“In times of uncertainty, at least have the certainty of who I am. Certainty comes from clarity.” – 27:14 – JP de Villiers

It is our responsibility to those we love, to our employees, to our team, and our followers to do our best. Even if doing our best means practicing self care.” – 30:39 – JP de Villiers

I want to know at the end of 2021, that what I stood for was truth, and love. Truth meaning to speak what I believe is the truth, and love meaning to be kind and compassionate to every single being, including myself.” – 45:00 – JP de Villiers

Keep doing the work on the inner world and the outer world will change, because when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – 50:44 – JP de Villiers


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