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Episode Show Notes


The start of 2021 has proven to be a trying time for us all, throwing up unpredictability for those of us in the salon space, so now seems a perfect time to cover some of the no-nonsense tips to making sales and bringing in the bucks without even opening your doors!


While particularly pertinent right now, the 6 top tips we share should give you something that you can integrate into your service offering until long after the loathsome lockdowns become a relic of the past! In this episode we also have Auntie Hollie’s take on making time for travelling and how to grow your client base while you do it, and Ryan’s Rant picks apart some of the more irritating users of the new and novel social media site, Clubhouse.


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:


  • How to balance business growth while travelling the world
  • Proactively protecting yourself from uncertainty
  • Sourcing government funding and saving money
  • Providing alternative solutions for clients at home
  • 6 ways to make money while salons are closed
  • The transgressions being committed by Clubhouse coaches


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Episode Highlights


“When you finish school, if you’ve got an opportunity ahead of you and you’re thinking about jumping on a plane and putting a backpack on, it’s just something I wholeheartedly encourage people to do purely just because it’s life changing. It’s transformational. And there’s not that many little opportunities in life where you get to go and do it.” – 4:10 – Hollie Power


“There’s so many opportunities to travel with what we do. Cruise ships are obviously a big one. I know it’s hard work working on a cruise ship in the industry, but you get to see the world. You get to get paid, you earn great tips, and you get to meet loads of wonderful people.” – 7:14 – Hollie Power


“If you know that travelling is going to be part of your life, then you can build that into the business plan from day one, which is so much easier.” – 8:18 – Ryan Power


“What a lot of people are doing is expecting a letter to drop onto their doormat, saying they’re going to get a grant – that won’t happen. They are not going to just send you a cheque in the post, you need to contact your councils and ask!” – 12:54 – Hollie Power


“Problems equals profits. So what new problems do your clients have, and how can you help them solve it?” – 17:19 – Ryan Power


“A question for everyone to ask themselves right now is “what do your clients want right now?” And you’re going to need to ask them – most clients are not going to come to you telling you what they want.” – 20:38 – Ryan Power


“It’s about listening to what the client is looking for and being able to provide them with a solution that’s going to get them results that they desire. The best time you can ever do that is during consultation.” – 24:56 – Hollie Power


“Focus on the performance of the product when you’re doing a live video demonstration. That’s what it’s all about. It’s about saying this is what this does, and letting the people that need those results come to you. ” – 28:26 – Hollie Power


“Gift vouchers can’t really be redeemed at the moment. So while it’s great to put them out there, gift boxes are an immediate and instant pick me up for somebody. It’s a great opportunity for you to get these out in front of your clients so they can buy them for themselves.” – 34:27 – Hollie Power