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E012: Championing Better Beauty Standards with BABTAC Chair, Lesley Blair

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Episode Show Notes


Lack of regulation. Jamie Butler told us it’s his pet peeve, Millie Kendall shared her view on how the beauty industry will be stronger once it’s addressed – now BABTAC Chairperson Lesley Blair is spearheading the #MakeBeautySafe campaign to improve government legislation on standards in the industry!


Since the age of 10 she’s wanted to be a beauty therapist. For over 20 years she’s been a CIBTAC examiner, and she’s been with BABTAC for over 8 years. Who better to share how we can make a positive impact in our sector than Lesley, who was voted one of Professional Beauty’s Top 100 Industry Influencers. 


Find out more about how BABTAC campaigns for better standards in salons, how regulations will equip us with the power to charge our worth without fear of being undercut by dodgy establishments, and how you can make a difference by signing the petition for a safer industry!


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:


  • BABTAC and what they do for the beauty industry
  • The #MakeBeautySafe campaign
  • Lesley’s early start in beauty therapy
  • How regulation will raise the profile of our industry
  • The trends in treatments that Lesley expects after lockdown


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Links and References


Lesley Blair: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lesley-blair-171643103/


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BABTAC’s ‘Make Beauty Safe’ Campaign: https://www.babtac.com/268-make-beauty-safe

Sign the ‘Make Beauty Safe’ Petition: https://bit.ly/3qt0649


Ryan Power: https://www.instagram.com/itsryanpower/

Hollie Power: https://www.instagram.com/holliefromsalonology/

Salonology Superstars: https://www.facebook.com/groups/salonology

Timely: https://www.gettimely.com/gb/


Get in touch: hello@salonology.uk


Episode Highlights


“I’ve wanted to be a beauty therapist since I was 10. I think it all came about when I was watching Grease and Frenchie was going to beauty school, and I thought that looks like fun. I think my passion grew from there.” – 5:30 – Lesley Blair


“Some people, especially nowadays, are doing it for the wrong reasons. They’ve got this financial pull rather than wanting to do it for the reasons I want to do. My goal was to be able to interact with people to give people a kind of emotional support.” – 10:10 – Lesley Blair


“It’s no use the person being totally safe from COVID when potentially they could cause damage if they’re not doing the treatment effectively. So I think with the inception of a lot of short courses, the fact that we have more regulation in an industry and not really a lot of licensing, it is time that we shine a spotlight on it.” – 14:52 – Lesley Blair


“Somebody who is pregnant and perhaps doesn’t know what they’re looking for in a massage, they go into a salon, they see a certificate. Now a lot of people think ‘Oh, they’ve got a certificate, they must be good’, but that is not the case.” – 16:50 – Lesley Blair


“If we get 99 insurers not to insure unsafe traders, there’s still going to be one that will. Regulation is the first step to preventing that.” – 22:50 – Lesley Blair


“Having a price war doesn’t help anyone because it’s just going to reduce standards. So I think to give the consumer the reassurance that they’re having that fully hygienic properly trained, insured experience with products bought from the supplier and fully trained staff, you do need to pay a price for it.” – 25:32 – Lesley Blair


“So many courses are offered on Facebook, for one or two days with absolutely no knowledge of it. There’s no way that they’re able to learn about all the different levels of the skin in that space of time.” – 28:00 – Lesley Blair


“We’ve now got the luxury of having statistics over the lockdown that we weren’t instrumental in the rise of COVID. So people are going to feel safe coming back, and they’re going to be desperate to come back. ” – 31:40 – Lesley Blair


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