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Episode Show Notes

The past year has undoubtedly been testing for all of us, and with a promising return to our salons on the horizon it’s important to look after ourselves as much as we do our clients.


One wonderful woman whose business, Low Ears, helps people log and approach their mental wellbeing when words might not do justice, is Low Ears’ Founder, Sam Pearce.


Sharing her incredible, inspirational journey with us, Sam talks about the new challenges of burnout’s counterpart, bore-out, helpful advice for keeping your team’s spirits high as we reopen, and the significance of mental first-aid training that’s specific to our industry!


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • The origin of Sam’s incredible dedication to mental wellbeing
  • Coping with burnout, and its counterpart ‘bore-out’
  • How Low Ears helps people communicate struggles without words
  • Advice for reopening safely, both in a physical and mental sense
  • Looking out for our teams’ wellbeing
  • How to respond if you see concerning signs in a client
  • The importance of industry specific mental first-aid training


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Episode Highlights

“Essentially, I wanted to get rid of generic salon uniforms, we all wore striped shirts, jeans, pumps, aprons, and just really wanted to create something very different. The whole design was key to the success of the business.” – 6:15 – Sam Pearce


“There’s this new phenomenon that’s come out of the pandemic and it’s kind of the polar opposite to burnout. It’s called bore-out, which is this absolute total lacklustre, unbelievable complacency and what’s the point attitude, and it’s just as damaging. So it’s about trying to find balance somewhere amongst all this chaos.” – 9:30 – Sam Pearce


“When you are challenged by mental health, and you’ve got all these strange thoughts and repetitive things going on, sometimes you can’t find the words to describe how it is that you’re feeling. So the ear position really did summarize that for me. That’s what Low Ears represents, it’s when sometimes it gets too hard, you can just tell me that you’re not okay.” – 13:05 – Sam Pearce


“My concern going back is that people have saved up 12 months of stuff if they didn’t get back in when the restrictions were lifted before Christmas. How on earth does everybody deal with a tsunami of other people’s stuff? There has to be an outlet somewhere.” – 19:46 – Sam Pearce


“One of the biggest problems we’re dealing with at the moment in real time is anxiety. People are anxious about being back in close contact. This is like the unspoken conversation with people, feeling that they’re going to be at a higher risk. So I think it’s about reassuring people.” – 25:08 – Sam Pearce


“As a human being, how can you just get in the car, go to work, and leave your troubles at the door and do a job? I think it’s totally impossible. There’s a lot of archaic ways of being within our industry that need a real shake up. You know, we’re human beings. We’re not human doings.” – 32:23 – Sam Pearce


“I want this training to be available to every single level of every single business. It’s not exclusive to the managers, everyone has to have it because everyone needs to support everybody else.” – 33:18 – Sam Pearce