Episode 15

E015: Expert Instagram Strategies for 2021 with Hollie and Ryan Power #15

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Episode Show Notes

Last month we made inroads on demystifying Facebook and how to perfect your posting on the platform. This month we set our sights on Instagram, the powerful tool that promises to forge lasting bonds, and by now we all know what bonds build…businesses!


On top of making connections with potential clients and other businesses, we have 6 of the BIGGEST names in our bountiful Instagram friends list, with a combined following pushing half a MILLION, sharing their #1 top tips for upping your Instagram game!


For anyone looking to increase the quantity, or even more importantly the quality, of their Instagram interactions, this episode is not to be missed…


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • 6 incredible instagram personalities’ #1 top tips
  • How to make bonds on Instagram
  • Finding the balance between grid posts, stories and reels
  • Connecting clients to your team through your social media presence
  • Ryan’s ire towards businesses that don’t respond to quote enquiries


This episode of The Salonology Show is sponsored by Timely.

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Get in touch: hello@salonology.uk


Episode Highlights

“When it comes to our businesses, sometimes we think that people just want to follow our business and nothing else. But actually, it’s the person behind the business that a lot of our clients are potentially interested in, and it’s such an important place to put yourself out there.” – 4:25 – Hollie Power


“We want to have treatments with people that we connect with, that we feel give good energy, that make us feel good about ourselves. We can only do that if we put a little bit of ourselves onto our social media, particularly on Instagram because it’s so visual.” – 7:15 – Hollie Power


““Posting Instagram reels – this is where the content is at. In 2021, we’ll be able to create more video visual content that educates more people than photo graphics.” – 11:00 – Ryan Power


“As Gilles Peress quoted (he’s a French photographer, I had to look him up), ‘I don’t trust words, I trust pictures’. The same goes for salon customers, they want proof of work and inspiration for something to look forward to on their next salon trip. Make it consistent. And if your customers follow the story you are telling them then it will lead them to you getting more clients.” – 13:05 – Ryan Power


“I’m by no means an expert on reels, I’ve only done a very small number myself up to this point. But I think the difficulty here is people try to overthink what they’re going to do, and think they’ve got to put out the perfect video.” – 18:57 – Ryan Power


“I have seen some incredible grids, and they’ve obviously spent a lot of time and it’s incredibly aesthetically pleasing. But would that have a big impact on whether or not I bought from them? If they’re selling me how to make your Instagram grid look pretty, then I’m going to buy. But if I’m looking for somebody to do my Botox, is that going to be important to me? No, not at all.” – 22:55 – Hollie Power


“Once we are all back open and back in the salon again, that’s going to instantly bring up so much more content. You can get your team involved. Heck, why not get some clients involved with their permission! I think there’s a lot of ways you can have fun with it.” – 25:55 – Ryan Power


“How much money are businesses collectively losing as a result of all these unanswered quotes that are just left to go to nothing, right? They’re just sat there, these inquiries with dust collecting on them.” – 30:05 – Ryan Power





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