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Episode Show Notes

Our industry is one of senses – to see, touch, and smell a product is to experience it in such a way that is otherwise impossible to convey. With that in mind, and in light of the past year of restrictions, this year’s Olympia Beauty live show promises to be nothing short of a monumental event for our industry!


In light of our recent announcement – a partnership to run the Salon & Spa Owners’ Club – we speak to the wonderful Ian Archbold who, since 2004, has been Show Director for Olympia Beauty. 


Get the lowdown on what to expect from the beauty industry event of the year, what makes this year’s show so special, and how you can register to be one of the lucky attendees of our part of the show!

This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • The remarkable, 17 year growth of Olympia Beauty
  • Shifting the show’s focus to represent smaller brands even better
  • Addressing the increasing need for sustainable beauty products
  • Introducing new, more engaging formats to the show
  • A sneak peek at our Salon & Spa Owners’ Club portion of Olympia Beauty 2021, and how to register


This episode of The Salonology Show is sponsored by Timely.

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REGISTER NOW for the Olympia Beauty Salon & Spa Owners’ Club


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Episode Highlights

“There’s a lot of brands and really exciting people that do a huge amount of great stuff that really don’t get the opportunities, and I think engaging with your industry magazines is a really, really important thing for anybody.” – 5:19 – Ian Archbold


“We are an industry of see, touch, smell. But the gist of a lot of our brand is to create an opportunity for the visitors that come to the show to experience their products or services, and to bring them to life.” – 10:15 – Ian Archbold


“We really do have a unique place, and we get amazing feedback every year with the show. It’s really exciting to know that, if everybody turns out who has done in the last 17 years, we’re gonna have a problem!” – 15:20 – Ian Archbold


“IWe do a lot more with competitions, we do a lot more with our Owners Club, we’re launching a green beauty area for 2021 as well. That’s really a reflection of what is happening in the market right now.” – 20:15 – Ian Archbold


“The Salon & Spa Owners’ Club completely levels the playing field because the businesses in the room all have exactly the same size table, they’ve got the same size opportunity. And I think this gives some of the other people a chance to have their voices heard.” – 30:08 – Ryan Power


“People want something short, punchy, just to get the information, grab the business card, then just go on there and think actually that, for me, is going to work really really nicely. Now being able to encapsulate four in an hour, a couple of times over the few days of the show will be fantastic.” – 33:56 – Ian Archbold


“There’s so much of a drive from the owners of business and the industry to look at being cleaner, to better serve the climate, better serve sustainability. All of these are key points that we as an event have to be very conscious of, to make sure that we’re offering a really good choice of brands at the show.” – 37:45 – Ian Archbold