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Show Notes  

Many people who work in the beauty industry have been told by others that there’s a limit on what they are worth or a ceiling to what they can earn and that is absolutely not true.

In episode 3 of The Salonology Show, dive into why and how salon owners need to be more strategic with charging their worth and deciding their pricing.

We also answer some of your questions, diving into our past and looking at why we started supporting salon owners and what we would do differently if we were starting our spa again now. 

This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • Dealing with negativity within your salon team
  • Managing staff expectations
  • Involving your team in new decisions
  • Charging your worth
  • Price wars
  • Pricing strategies


Episode Highlights

“How you manage your team is going to have a massive impact on the results of your business and the results of your salon. If you have a team, they’ve really got to be on board with your ideas and plans moving forward. Any reluctance or negativity to change is not uncommon but can put an end to your plans.” Hollie Power – 6:00

“Sometimes they can go and speak to other staff members as well and say “I don’t like this idea and I don’t know why they’re doing it” and try to create an alliance with other team members to stop something happening. And this is what we want to stop happening, because businesses need to evolve.” Hollie Power – 6:55

“We’ve got to pitch it to them in a different way, we need to show them the future is appealing and not scary. And we need to show them that the job they’re doing is excellent. And that’s why you want to move forward with new changes.” Hollie Power – 10:22

“How an employee or a staff member looks at a business is very different to how you see your business. You see it as your future, your opportunity, your baby, your investment. It’s what you work incredibly hard at, it’s your heart and soul poured into it.” Hollie Power – 11:16

“It’s not just a matter of people thinking they’re not charging enough, it’s their own value of themselves that is too low on the outset. So let’s try to encourage people to raise their own level of confidence and worth. Because particularly for people who work on their own, they’ve usually been told by others that there’s a limit on what they are worth or a ceiling to what they can earn. Which is absolutely not true.” Ryan Power – 14:42

“We self regulate in this industry and the majority of people hold those regulations extremely high. They deliver a very high level of service and treatment but they don’t charge a high level price. And I find that crazy because they respect themselves and their clients enough to want to follow a high level of hygiene, excellent products, excellent delivery, and yet they don’t put the price tag on it.” Hollie Power – 17:02

“It’s a two way street. So when somebody’s got a salon and your clients are coming in, they’re obviously looking at you at a certain level as well. So they’re looking at who you are. And they’re looking at what you’re charging them. And they are going to respond to how you’re charging them in a certain manner.” Hollie Power – 18:13

“If you’re saying “Well, actually, my clients really, really don’t have a scrap, they don’t have a bean”, then you need to start going after a different slice of the market. Because you’re always going to be scrapping and fighting otherwise, and your life’s going to be a lot harder.” Ryan Power – 26:46

“If you don’t know how much it costs to open your doors, or you don’t know what it costs to run your salon for a month, or for a day or for an hour or for a minute, then you need to go and work out those numbers because your pricing needs to be reflective of that.” Ryan Power – 31:12

“What I realized now looking back is that it took me probably 4-5  years to get in the rhythm of actually growing the business and understanding the importance of marketing. Because I opened the doors, and I put the money into it, and I expected there to be a queue outside, because there wasn’t.” Hollie Power – 37:04


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