Episode 2

E002: Pamela Laird – Ultimate Beauty Boss of Moxi Loves And Star Of The Apprentice And Dragon’s Den

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Show Notes


Creating, building and branding innovative new beauty products that slip seamlessly into your routine, Pamela Laird is the ultimate beauty entrepreneur and we could not be more honoured to have her as our very first guest on The Salonology Show! 

Following a very successful pitch on Dragons Den, where she received THREE offers for investment, Pamela then stole our hearts in BBC’s The Apprentice, where she made it all the way to the terrifying interview day.

Now her brand Moxi Loves is booming, stocked by both Boots and Primark, as her time saving, sustainable and no-more nasties focus takes the country by storm. 

This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • Finding the right investor 
  • Pitching to win
  • Being ahead of the curve in product development
  • Sustainability in the beauty industry
  • Inside secrets from filming The Apprentice
  • Manufacturing insights
  • The origins & future of Moxi Loves


Episode Highlights


“I was so drawn into the glamour of the salon and it felt like a real family unit. I could go there and have a treatment, and a chat and play with products and there was something really social about it.” Pamela Laird – 5:45

“Things started really moving when I turned 17 and my Mum and I started travelling around Ireland launching into salons and spas throughout. I just couldn’t wait to finish school and felt it was a waste of time. Teacher’s would be organising my exams and I’d be like “No sorry I can’t do that day, I have a meeting…!” and they’d just laugh at me. But I was already trained and already knew exactly what I wanted to do.” Pamela Laird – 6:48

“The kind of day I love is if I’m product developing, so if I’m working on packaging or concepts or samples are arriving, that’s a fun day for me!” Pamela Laird – 14:56

“There’s so much other stuff that needs to be done that definitely takes me away from the fun, creative side. So if that’s the side you like, put someone in place quickly to take over the less creative stuff so you can really focus on what you love. That’s what I’m struggling with now.” Pamela Laird – 15:35

“I definitely got too comfortable in relying on the “hero product” and where we were going to go from there. I think that that was a big lesson I learnt – to be ahead of the curve as much as possible.” Pamela Laird – 20:49

“Dragons’ Den taught me that cash isn’t always the right move. You need to make sure it’s coming from the right place, and for the right reasons and the right partner. And so that to me was a huge lesson because now I wouldn’t just take cash because I need it. Whereas at that stage, I nearly did. I needed it badly enough that I almost took the wrong deal.” Pamela Laird – 24:07

“Not everyone got on 100% of the time, but you never really brought back to the house what someone said about you in the boardroom – at least I didn’t!  You’re in the boardroom for six hours and half of it isn’t going to make it on screen anyway.” Pamela Laird – 31:37

“You’re better off getting something to market if you have an idea, then trying to do six ideas, and struggling because someone will come along they’ll do it quicker than you. So if I could go back and tell myself it would be “okay, just think about this and get something out there.” Pamela Laird – 39:13

“Moxi means if you’ve got determination or drive, you’re said to have “a bit of Moxi”. And it really came from a soda company in the US that was said to be so highly caffeinated. so full of sugar that if you could finish it, you had Moxi. So it’s very much a girl boss word. I felt like every kind of sentence that it was used in was very female orientated. So for me, it felt empowering.” Pamela Laird – 42:19

“It would be incredible to just make my day dream of being a global brand. Because l I don’t know if I feel successful until I make that happen. So hopefully within five years I’ll do that.” Pamela Laird – 44:57


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