Episode 21

E021: Beauty’s Bright Future & Pricey Prosecco – Unscripted Sessions with Salonology #21

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Episode Show Notes

Where do we see the future of our industry? How do we keep a work-life balance when we do both together? What’s the most expensive bottle of prosecco we’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming?! We’re tackling only the toughest topics sent in by YOU, our lovely listeners!


Answering questions blind and unscripted this week, we ponder which exciting new directions that the beauty industry may be heading in – from the ever-growing eco-friendly focus to new trends in treatments.

This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • The new directions we see the beauty industry heading in
  • Tweaking your work-life balance when you work with your partner
  • Our favourite holiday destinations
  • The most expensive Prosecco we’ve ever consumed


Don’t forget that this episode is the start of our exciting new format, and WE NEED YOUR HELP!


We’ll be answering your questions blind and unscripted, so if you want to hear our take on your biggest issues and toughest topics then send them through to anna@salonology.uk!


This episode of The Salonology Show is sponsored by Timely. Get 50% off for 3 months with discount code SALONOLOGY at https://www.gettimely.com/gb/


Links and References

Ryan Power: https://www.instagram.com/itsryanpower/

Hollie Power: https://www.instagram.com/holliefromsalonology/

Salonology Superstars: https://www.facebook.com/groups/salonology

Timely: https://www.gettimely.com/gb/

Get in touch: hello@salonology.uk

Questions for future episodes: anna@salonology.uk


Episode Highlights

“I would rather not think about how many bottles we have had ever because that’s probably horrific. We do enjoy a glass of Prosecco or two. Although I have to say, it’s important to enjoy your life to a certain degree, but we don’t drink it for breakfast or anything.” – 5:45 – Hollie& Ryan Power


“I just love Las Vegas. I love everything about it. I know it’s not for everybody, but it is just a giant adult playground. Given that I am a giant baby/child, then it is the place for me.” – 7:50 – Ryan Power


“I think we kind of pull each other into that middle pot somewhere. Where Ryan might really struggle to delegate, it takes me to push him, and whilst I might really struggle to get my head down, sometimes it takes him to push me. So that kind of balances out to a degree.” – 10:45 – Hollie Power


“I remember sitting at the bar having a beer with Sean, and he said, ‘It must be really nice working with your partner because they know exactly what you want from the business and you’re in it together’, and it was so true. That’s the whole thing. That’s why it does work, because we ultimately are pushing through for the same thing.” – 14:30 – Hollie Power


“The stuff that’s happened in the last 15 months has highlighted a lot about our industry. It’s highlighted our strength as an industry, our voice as an industry, our value as an industry, how powerful we are, and how much we help the mental health of our nation. It’s really shone a light that we’re not just people who paint nails and colour hair, we’re people who actually change how people think and feel about themselves, and that’s really powerful.” – 16:60 – Hollie Power


“It’s very exciting to see what people are going to come up with next in terms of new technologies. But also, I think that the clients are just so much more comfortable with it, because it’s now a new generation of clients. For many people, they are just so much more accustomed to technology in all areas of their life.” – 2o:00 – Hollie Power




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