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Episode Show Notes

If you’re listening to this podcast, the chances are high that you’re a current or budding business owner. Remember – that means you set the rules on how much you engage with your business!


The response to our first unscripted Q&A sessions was fantastic, and we’ve had plenty of questions this week on how one can step away from their business to enjoy more time apart from it, and just how much you should oversee those to whom you delegate.


From the sensible to the absurd, if you want your questions to be answered on a future episode of The Salonology Show then send them in to the wonderful and help us to make more of the show that you want to hear!

This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • How to scale back your involvement in your salon guilt-free
  • Ryan & Hollie’s biggest salon owner sins
  • Owner vs manager roles, and how much you should oversee tasks you’ve delegated
  • Which actors might play Ryan & Hollie in a film about their lives


Don’t forget that this episode is the start of our exciting new format, and WE NEED YOUR HELP!


We’ll be answering your questions blind and unscripted, so if you want to hear our take on your biggest issues and toughest topics then send them through to!


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Episode Highlights

“If you are a flight attendant with Virgin, you don’t expect Richard Branson to be there flying the plane, he is running the business from Necker Island. So that’s the first thing: change the mindset from being a therapist, stylist, hairdresser, or whatever role you used to hold, to being a business owner.” – 6:35 – Hollie Power


“You don’t want to disappear and never go in your salon. Again, it’s not about that. But it’s about it being able to operate without you. A business needs to be managed, and a business needs to be owned, and you are the owner, not the manager.” – 9:20 – Hollie Power


“Trying to do everything yourself is a massive mistake. I don’t want anyone to misconstrue what I mean by that, because it doesn’t mean you necessarily have to employ a team of people. You can be the only employee in your business and still not be the only person in your team because you should still be looking to outsource other stuff. You can’t do it yourself and you’d be a fool to attempt to.” – 14:50 – Ryan Power


“If you start coming into your business, checking up on everything, that’s going to do a few negative things. It’s going to mean that staff feel watched and overlooked, the manager might feel that you don’t trust her, but also people will start expecting you to come and check on everything. That might mean they stay on top of things more, but it’ll also mean that you’re then pulled back into the business again..” – 22:40 – Hollie Power


“It’s a bad allocation of resources to just do the manager’s job right over the top of them anyway. So as you say, I think you’ve got to let your manager manage at the end of the day haven’t you? You’ve got to have a bit of faith.” – 24:20 – Ryan Power