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Episode Show Notes

Welcome back to another exciting Q&A edition of The Salonology Show, where once again YOU get to decide which tough topics we tackle!


If you’re looking to boost your upsells, make the most of the sunk cost of bringing people through the door and beat the fear around asking clients about them, then do not miss this episode…


Thanks to questions from our fabulous listeners Michaela, Julie, Chelle and Kerry, we also dive into how to keep the VAT man happy, the best business decisions we’ve ever made, and who would show up to our dream dinner party!


To have your questions featured on future episodes, send them in to our lovely Head of Customer Happiness, Anna, at


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • How to survive the clutches of VAT and the dreaded tax man
  • Encouraging your team to make more upsells
  • The best business decisions we’ve made, and how you can do the same
  • Our dream guest list for a dinner party


Don’t forget that this episode is the start of our exciting new format, and WE NEED YOUR HELP!


We’ll be answering your questions blind and unscripted, so if you want to hear our take on your biggest issues and toughest topics then send them through to!


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Episode Highlights

“The way that we have always done it in all of our businesses is to charge VAT, or account for VAT, right from the word, go even before you’re registered. Get in the habit of taking 20% of that revenue, and putting it to one side.” – 5:25 – Ryan Power


“First of all the government, I suppose, are kind enough in that they give you a chance to actually build your business up first, VAT isn’t from day one – unless you choose to VAT register yourself from day one, and most people wouldn’t. So you have a chance to actually start to build something up first, before this kicks in.” – 6:50 – Hollie Power


“If someone comes in for a treatment or service from you, you’ve already paid the costs to attract that client, get them into your business, and the time it takes to look after them. If they then buy something in addition to that, you typically don’t have the same number of additional costs, right? Meaning that therefore they are more profitable.” – 11:15 – Ryan Power


“When we’re offering services to anybody, whether it’s hair, or beauty, or holistic, or clinical aesthetics, we’re taking them on a journey, and upsells are just a continuation of that journey. That’s how we have to look at it. It’s not an addition or a separate journey, it’s the same journey, and maybe we can further enhance that experience for them by offering an upsell.” – 15:20 – Hollie Power


“Let’s think about what’s actually going to start motivating your team, and the only way you can work out really what’s gonna motivate your team is by talking to them and finding out what drives them and what pushes them, because we’re all very individual beings, and this is not a financially driven market that we’re in.” – 16:50 – Hollie Power


“I would say the decision of creating a business that truly lights me up and serves me, rather than me serving it, is probably the best business decision that I’ve ever made.” – 21:45 – Ryan Power


“I opened a day spa with zero qualifications, knowledge or experience in the industry. The reason I did it was because I could see the potential within a very, very sparkly industry, and everything aligned to make it happen. But the reason I think that not having qualifications was amazing for me was it stopped me from getting too entangled personally within the business.” – 22:30 – Hollie Power


“We’re gonna want some entertainment at our hypothetical dinner party, right? I would like to meet them and talk to them, and I think it’d be very interesting. But also I would also encourage them to maybe provide some post-dinner entertainment as well. That person is Marshall Mathers the 3rd, A.K.A Eminem.” – 28:10 – Ryan Power