E028: Make More Money WITHOUT Upsetting Clients with Hollie and Ryan Power #28

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Episode Show Notes

For many of us, selling high ticket items can be a big step to take without the confidence to do it. Consider that a festival pint can cost you an arm and a leg, and yet the queues remain – the price you charge is far less important than the experience you offer!


Once again we’re diving into your burning questions on another exciting episode of The Salonology Show, where we tackle Wendy’s question on high-priced packages, as well as how to use WhatsApp in your business without blurring the line between personal & professional lives, and how to increase your prices without upsetting any of your loyal clients…


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • How to increase your prices without upsetting clients
  • Using WhatsApp for your business, and where to draw the line between personal and professional communication
  • Building confidence in offering your higher priced packages




We’ll answer your questions blind and unscripted, so if you want to hear our take on your biggest issues and toughest topics then send them through to anna@salonology.uk!


This episode of The Salonology Show is sponsored by Timely.


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Links and References

Read more about winning awards on our blog post here

Ryan Power: https://www.instagram.com/itsryanpower/

Hollie Power: https://www.instagram.com/holliefromsalonology/

Salonology Superstars: https://www.facebook.com/groups/salonology

Timely: https://www.gettimely.com/gb/

Get in touch: hello@salonology.uk

Questions for future episodes: anna@salonology.uk


Episode Highlights

“WhatsApp doesn’t just have to be about friendship, it can be work-orientated too. So it’s really about the content that you choose to put in there and how you choose to communicate, and you can lead that with your team.” – 7:15 – Hollie Power


“At the end of the day, any business needs to communicate with its staff, and staff notice boards – obviously the original way of doing things – you know, it’s just a digital version of that really, isn’t it? Again, that only works if people are actually going to check it, and if people aren’t going to use it for things it’s not supposed to be used for.” – 8:45 – Ryan Power


“If it’s your own package, your own unique formula, collection of treatments, products, or whatever it might be, then it’s very difficult for people to compare you with someone else, because it’s your package – especially if you give it your own spin and a unique name.” – 12:25 – Ryan Power


“It’s the results that we’re selling, it isn’t the price. We’re not trying to get them to get over the cost, we’re trying to get them to want the results. Whatever it is that you offer, whether it’s the best balayage in the area, or skin transformations, the price becomes irrelevant when what you’re putting together is good enough and is worthy of the price.” – 20:12 – Ryan Power


“I do think green and clean is going to have its place in the industry. I don’t think it’s going to take over the industry for a while, I think it’s gonna take a bit of time. There are going to be people that are diehard fans of certain products that may not go down the clean green beauty route yet, but we are seeing most bigger brands now starting to discuss it.” – 13:50 – Hollie Power


“If you’re selling anything, then what you want to do is focus on the intangible benefits that people get when they make the purchase, rather than the tangible benefits.” – 15:05 – Ryan Power


“If you go to someone and say, ‘Do you want my new top level, anti-ageing package’, do you think that the clients either know, care, or understand what those individual components are made up of? Does the average client even understand what RF is, what it does, or what the letters even stand for? Of course they don’t! All the client cares about is the end result.” – 21:00 – Ryan Power


“Your prices are increasing; pricing of staff increases, price of rent increases, bills increase, cost of product increases, everything goes up with inflation. So there is nothing wrong with putting your prices up. In fact, if you don’t, you’re going to start losing dramatic amounts of profit and going backwards. So you need to do it, and most clients probably won’t say anything.” – 24:20 – Hollie Power


“Every March I get a text message from EE saying ‘As of April 1st, your tariff will be going up in line with RPI. Thank you.’ I can’t argue with that, can I? Because they’re saying their costs are going up, so what they charge is going up? Do they apologise for it? No, of course they don’t. They don’t apologise to me for that any more than their energy suppliers apologise to them for putting up their prices.” – 27:15 – Ryan Power

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